How To Use Monthly Astrology Forecasts

Do you get confused on how to use monthly astrology forecasts? I get this question a lot. Let’s talk about how to use my monthly forecasts to get the maximum power out of them.

What’s the Difference Between Forecasts and Horoscopes?

A forecast details out the monthly transits by date and should tell you the general mood or themes of the energy. The astrologer might also suggest activities that use the cosmic energy as a boost. There are better days for weddings, asking for a raise, or taking the day off.

A horoscope is when the astrologer puts a specific sign on the 1st house and can tell what themes will be highlighted for the month. Most read these through their Sun Sign, but to zone in on the specifics its better to read them from your rising sign.

A personalized horoscope will tell you what transits will hit your planets and sensitive chart points that are unique to you.

So Why Do Some Days Stand Out vs. Others?

1) Transits in forecasts affect everyone as they are happening in the sky in real time. 

While you may not notice an infusion of energy when Mars does his thing, others will.  It may hit a specific area or a sensitive point in their chart, which is when astrology becomes personalized.   The closer the transit is to that point in your chart, the intensity will increase.  Having a good understanding of your birth chart will help you know which transits you will feel more.

2) If a transit involves your Chart Helmsman or your Lord of the Year, you will feel it more. 

The Chart Helmsman is the guiding planet of your life, but every year another planet acts as navigator and co-pilot. Some years you barely notice a Mercury retrograde and other years you are running into travel delays, car problems, or re-doing paperwork.  Chances are in that later example, Mercury was your Lord of the Year. Having a personal consultation with an astrologer for a year ahead reading is like getting that secret code so you know which planetary transits you can use the energy to its fullest.

3)  Astrology transits can do many things and manifest differently depending on your chart. 

Let’s say Gemini in Venus is sextiling Saturn.  In this example, let’s say Gemini occupies your 3rd house of siblings or neighbors, but it occupies someone else’s 10th house. While you could have had a lovely chat with your older next-door neighbor, the other person was asked to be project lead at work.  The astrology is 100% correct in both examples. Venus governs relationships, but everyone’s chart is unique.  Knowing which house the transit is affecting will give you a better understanding of which realms of life will be impacted.

4) Sect matters. 

Everyone has a planetary team that works better for them.  Each team has a luminary, a maleifc and a benefic. If the Sun is above the horizon when you are born you have a day chart.  If the Sun is below the horizon, then you have a night chart. Day births will have a harder time with Mars transits, and night births will have a harder time with Saturn transits.  Likewise, day births will benefit more from Jupiter transits, and night births will benefit more from Venus. 

5) Transits support the energy that you were already working on. 

Let’s say you are completing your college applications, but you wanted to know the best day you should submit.  Look at the ruler of your 9th house. Any day where the 9th house ruling planet or the sign on 9th house is involved will give you an extra boost.  But also know that 9th house stuff involves religion, higher thinking, and international travel.  Every house has multiple areas of life they rule.

6) Outer planets are more attuned to bigger world events than personal ones. 

Any transit with Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto may not be felt as intensely on an individual level.  Take for example the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 2020. Oh yes, I totally covered it even though it didn’t involve a personal planet. That event governed the pandemic. It took over news headlines. But as a general rule, personal planets will have bigger impact on your daily interactions. When the outer planets are highlighted look to the news and see what unfolds.  As a rule:  Outer/Outer planets have worldly influence; Outer/Inner planets have medium influence; Any Planet interacting with a placement in your chart is dynamic.  

7) “You were off by a day.”  All transits hold more energy as they build and approach their exact hit. 

So if I were to say there would be a Mercury trine Jupiter on the 14th, I would have you pay attention to the 2 days prior to the date listed on my forecast and the day after.  Of course, it depends on how swiftly the planets move as well. The further away the planet is from the earth, the slower it moves. Mercury transits last a couple of days, but Uranus transits lasts months.

So, How Do I Use Monthly Forecasts?

1) Get an astrology reading to know which planets are your Chart Helmsman and your Lord of the Year. 

Those key planets will have the largest impact. Let’s say in this example, Venus is my Lord of the Year as I am in a Libra profected Year (10th house) and my Chart Helmsman is Saturn as a Capricorn Rising.  I already know I need to pay attention to Venus and Saturn.

2) Get the forecast and make notes of the days those key planets are involved in transits.  Highlight those days.  

3)  If there is a lot of activity in one sign for the month, look to see where that sign is in your chart. 

For example, this past February we had a historic Aquarius stellium.  I know that Aquarius occupies by 2nd house of income, resources, and values.  I would expect that during the month of February I’m going to see a lot of energy infused into those topics.

4) This is a bit more advanced.  If you intimately know your birth chart and the degrees of your planets, you could really see if any transits are hitting the same degree. 

Let’s say I have Mars at 26º of Libra  If I looked at the chart and saw that Pluto is currently at 26º of Capricorn.  I know that I’m going to feel this a ton more than if someone had their Mars at 5º of any other sign.  Capricorn squares Libra so I know this is going to be a tension point when I am asked to do (Mars) something different (Pluto) and change my strategy.

5) Sometimes you ask, “What the Hell WAS that?” Retrospective work is super useful when you are starting out as you can sometimes retrace steps and see what got activated.

If you had a sudden break up or money issue, grab the forecast and see what’s happening. As you get more in tune, you will be able to say, “Hang on, Ali mentioned something about Uranus and Mars. Last time something like that happened I accidentally cut myself. Better be extra careful this time.”

So there you have it! Now you know how to make astrology work for you. Leave me a comment of how you use the monthly forecasts and if you are interested in getting your chart done, head on over to my consultation page and book your 1:1 time with me!

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