Astrology of the 2020 Election Predictions

I’ve spent the past month scouring various astrologers predictions for their take on the elections.  One entire day of ISAR’s conference was dedicated to the mundane astrologers interpretation.  Participants had one job: evaluate the conditions for the US Election in 2020.  It’s a thorny subject for certain.  A good mundane astrologer has to work hard to keep a blank slate as they look at the data without letting their own beliefs and viewpoints cloud predictions.  

Many very good astrologers were left holding an empty bag in 2016.  It was a hard one to come back from.  It is oh so tempting to be that guru and all knowing person, especially when the spotlight is on.  But it’s also damn scary when you are forced to pick a side in front of an audience.  With an election, it’s a 50/50 shot.  

A good astrologer will delineate out the meanings of what is possible or even probable, but will not tell you what the outcome will be.  Astrology is not deterministic, as everyone has free will, but it describes what are the likely conditions in which decisions get made.  For example, I can see if someone is going to have a year that has emphasizes his home,  but I will not tell a pauper he’s moving into a castle.  The person’s circumstances and environment are critical.

To help my readers, I’ve completed a summary of my time at ISAR with J.Lee Lehman, Lynn Bell, Caroline Casey, and Christeen Skinner.  All of these individuals are incredible mundane astrologers. I’ve also included notes from my mentor, Kelly Surtees, who was the opening speaker for Astrology University’s summit last week.  They all used a variety of lenses by looking at the planetary cycles, the election day chart, the inauguration chart, and how each of the candidate’s birth charts interact.  Spoiler alert: no one made a prediction on who the winner would be; everyone described the factors and energy at play.

Factors for the Election on November 

Impending Pluto Return for the USA

Everyone agreed that whoever holds power for the next term is in for one doozy of a ride.  This is because the US is in the beginning of its Pluto return.  This is when Pluto comes back to its exact same place it occupied when it was born.  We mere mortals will never know what it’s like to experience this in our lifetime, as it only happens every 248 years. So we look to countries and see how they ride the waves.  For the US, our Pluto return will hit at 27 Capricorn from February 2022 to October 2023 when it goes direct.  Every astrologer agreed that whoever holds the job of presidency will have one difficult job over the next few years holding things together as the nation redefines itself.  Although Pluto is only about half the size of our moon, it lands a big punch. You can not go through a Pluto transit and expect to be the same person on the other side. It is a time of renewal and rebirth.

Saturn/Pluto squaring Mars 

When you have the two malefic planets challenging each other, it can be game of, “I dare you”.  Everyone is testing the boundaries.  Saturn will reign supreme here and people will vote out of fear vs. hope.  Transiting Saturn is also sitting on the United States natal Pluto.  Clinging to the past is a big theme. Tradition, safety, patriotism, and leadership are challenged.

Mercury Stationing Direct on Election Day 

Bottom line:  don’t expect the results on election day.  Mercury will be at a standstill, ready to move direct after 3 weeks of retrograde.  The planet’s energy intensifies anytime it changes direction.  The last time we had Mercury stationing on an election day was 2000.  If you remember, that was the epic Bush v. Gore.  “Hanging chad” became part of our daily conversation and it finally went to the Supreme Court.  Every astrologer agreed that confusion would reign supreme.  I wouldn’t count on knowing the victor that night.  The emotional hangover will hit the next day as the moon moves into Cancer.  Cancer is the sign that rules the home, homeland, and patriotism.  We begin to feel the aftermath of the vote and make meaning of it.

Mars in Retrograde  

Mars will finally turn direct on November 13th.  In a recent Astrology Podcast, Austin Coppock mentioned that it doesn’t change the fact that we have a war, but the war will move forward.  The legal battles may intensify.

Uranus moving from Taurus to Gemini 

During the next four years, Uranus our planet of change is riding through the Taurus, sign of values.  It’s job right now is asking, “Are we living our values, and if not, what changes can we make?”  We can see this as police reform hits a peak and the political parties become entrenched in what exists vs. what could be.  Everyone is grasping to keep things status quo and remember a time when America was considered “great”.  Either way, that is looking to the past for cues.  This is a key signature for any earth stronghold.  Earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn build on existing success which requires us to examine the past.  Both are very resource driven.  However, as Uranus shifts into the Air of Gemini in 2026, our adaptability gets tapped and we can see all the possibilities.  Uranus in Gemini is a bit rogue and hungry for options.  It is a giant social experiment.

Kamala Harris

She is one to watch.  Regardless of how the election shakes out, her star is bright and on the rise. Leadership and visibility are key for her.

Timing and My Take

Going against my own advice, I’m going to apply my political science here and see what lines up with the astrology.  Keep in mind I am not a mundane astrologer so please take it with a grain of salt. I too do not have a solid prediction for who the winner will be, but I can lay out the stages of unfolding.

Lunar Eclipse:  November 30th

Lunar eclipses bring about endings. Emotions are going to be high today, but I wouldn’t expect resolution.  Emotional fatigue is going to be setting in.  I think we will all be feeling like the events put into motion are taking on a life of their own.  Personal power will feel diminished.

Solar Eclipse:  December 14th 

I will own my bias and say I think this is the day to watch for the election to be decided.  Astrology aside, the law requires electors to be chosen for the Electoral College, the constitutionally established body that elects the president, no more than 41 days after Election Day. This year, that date is December 14, which is exactly 41 days after the November 3 vote.  Solar eclipses bring about a start of a new chapter in a dramatic new way.  

I will say that a big factor will be the electoral college.  On July 6, 2020 (one day after the lunar eclipse in Capricorn), the Supreme Court upheld that faithless electoral college voters could be penalized by the States.  This means that if an individual went against the popular vote, the State could impose justice against that person.  The eclipse in this series (4 North) is all about restricting the individual and blocking their overestimation of power.  Wait to see if there are faithless electors and how the States exercise their power.

Mars Entering Taurus:  January 6th 

The electoral college votes are due to Congress the following day.  All through the 2020 election season Mars has been in Aries which set up a big battle between the Cardinal pile up of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.  This is the day the planet of war will leave the sign based battle.  The fight feels over.  

In Summary

Astrology definitely has it’s limitations. It primarily is a study of timing. While it is extremely tempting to be the all knowing guru and predict the winner, it is a fool’s errand. Instead one has to look at the circumstances of the planetary energy, which is exactly what I did. I looked at the practical key dates of the election process and lined up the timing to describe what is possible. Caroline Casey summed it up beautifully at the ISAR summit when she said, “What is available, of which we can participate with, is a better question than who will win.”  

I Want It Now: Mars in Childhood

Believe it or not, anger is a primary emotion and it has been programmed in us for thousands of years.  An angry baby gets the attention from their parents.  Frustration innately tells us we aren’t getting our needs met.  It cues us to do something different to protect ourselves.  Sometimes our anger is an outward projection of our fear.  Fear is the other emotion that has helped our survival as well.  Saturn at its core represents fear and how we protect ourselves.  Oddly enough Mars and Saturn are the two malefics of the chart.  However, they serve a vital role in ensuring our safety and survival.

Mars represents how we get what we want.  It is the planet that controls our drive, our action, and how we pursue our goals.  In a perfect world we could be able to sustain our push and focus.  However it can be a temperamental planet as well.  It also shows how we experience frustration when our efforts get interrupted.

Power Up! Parent Astro Power!!

Approximately every 2 years approximately the red planet returns to the exact place it was at birth.  You can anticipate a power struggle for independence at age when your child is 2, 4, 6, 8,10, and so on.  Sharing is not a talent for Mars, but instead it challenges your child to be assertive and go after to go after what they want.  

Mars can be our secret weapon, but it can also be our undoing.  Knowing where your kiddo’s Mars is knowing how this is going to show up is incredibly powerful for you as a parent.  Working with the energy will prove to be more effective than trying to suppress it. To calculate your child’s Mars sign, go to and enter your child’s birth data.

Mars Through the Signs:

Aries Mars:  Are you getting called to the principal’s office because your child used their fists and not their words?  Welcome to Aries Mars.  The red planet has his boxing gloves ready in this sign.  Quick to temper and quick to cool.  These individuals are direct and confrontational when they aren’t getting their needs met. These individuals need to know they are on the best and fastest track to success. Proactive channeling of this energy comes in handy through sports and competition.

Taurus Mars:  “No.” or “It’s Mine!” Oh it’s a favorite phrase.  If you disturb the status quo, you are tempting the bull wake up.  They need transition time and don’t do well with sudden shifts.  Make sure you give a warning shot before changing the plan or activity.  They have a tendency to just settle into stubbornness as an act of defiance. Sharing is not a strong suit here. Try taking turns with a timer instead.

Gemini Mars:  “Just a minute…”  or interrupting others.  Air signs as a whole don’t process anger very well.  They use distraction to ignore the problem and will often times procrastinate.  But once you do get them to talk about the real issue, get ready for ALL the thoughts (and there are a lot)!  They don’t like to have their ideas criticized as they take it as a personal offense.  They will also deflect with brilliant wit or sarcasm to show how smart they are.

Cancer Mars:  “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.”  The crab is the sign of Cancer. Crabs move sideways and will give room for others until it gets to be too much.   They are likely to retreat an only attack if needed.  Sulking and accusing are common ways Mars shows up here.  These individuals like to feel like they have power with their emotions.  But then they reach a level where the outburst is out of proportion to the event.  

Leo Mars:  “They did this TO ME! And it was on purpose!”  The ego is this Mars’ biggest target.  When they feel ignored, they turn up the heat until they get the recognition they need.  Leo Mars children are those who are dramatic often exaggerating what happened TO THEM.  It’s hard for them to see the world from another’s point of view when they are hurt.

Virgo Mars:  “I was just trying to help!” Or “It’s their fault!” Are common phrases from angry Virgo Mars kids.  These kiddos are convinced they know the right way to do things and everyone else is wrong.   It’s the other persons fault because they didn’t live up to the Virgo’s standards.  They will unleash their hurt by criticizing others.  Their comments can be devastatingly cruel at times, but know it is more about their pain and frustration.

Libra Mars:  “That’s not fair!” It’s a common phrase uttered by these individuals.  They are quick to point out the injustices.  These individuals have an easier time showing the wrongdoings in the system or authority vs. taking ownership that it hurt them personally.  Look for compromise with these kids.  Negotiation is key.

Scorpio Mars:   “I didn’t do it!”  Nope, but they were the mastermind behind the whole group acting out.  And chances are, in the teen years, they are the ones who started the rumors.  They know it’s about self control and won’t sting unless it’s a guaranteed hit straight to the heart.  They will turn their anger into power and save up the injustices until they lash out.  The best thing for you to do is help them acknowledge their hurt.

Sagittarius Mars:  “But you aren’t listening!”  These individuals want all of their ideas to be acknowledged.  They have strong opinions and can insight moral and intellect to justify their positions.  If you find yourself in a debate with your kiddo, best to take a time out for yourself. When you come back to the argument, appeal to what principles are “right,” not which person.

Capricorn Mars:  “But they were in my way.”  These individuals are goal oriented and will often boss people around.  They are typically patient, but ambitious.  If someone gets in the way of their plans, expect them to go to plan B to get their objective met.  Instead, help them think out what’s worked in the past to help them move forward.

Aquarius Mars:  “You can’t tell me what to do!”  Oh, that freedom loving Aquarius.  This is their big hot button.  It has nothing to do with their plans, but more about who they are and how they are expressing themselves.  And by the way, if you ask, “Why did you do that?” Be prepared for an extensive list of rationalizations.  You can help them by helping them come up with better possible solutions that get their needs met and let them decide.

Pisces Mars:  “Don’t tell me what’s possible!” Or “Why does everyone hate me?!”   These kiddos have pie in the sky ideas and the faith that they can do it.  They don’t appreciate if you tell them a flying car isn’t possible, because they will just answer, “It isn’t YET.”  Stand back and appreciate their ideals otherwise you might find them sabotaging things covertly.  These individuals are prone to use helplessness as a weapon.  Help them take accountability for their own feelings and actions in the situation.  As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  

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