Uranus Square Mars

Let’s get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

2018 has been colored with a few points of frustration.  There have been multiple planets retrograding and then there is the Uranus square Mars aspect.

Mars takes about 2.5 years to go around the solar system completely.  But what makes 2018 a bit more of a stand out year is that it toiled across Uranus not once, not twice, but THREE times in a matter of a few months.  This is because it was traveling direct when it crossed paths with Uranus  about May 16th at 2:18 AM (CDT) in North America.  Then Mars went retrograde and hit Uranus square a second time on August 1st at 9:30 PM (CDT) in North America.  Then it turned direct once more and pushed its way forward squaring Uranus for the third time on September 17th at 5:44 PM (CDT) in North America.  That’s a lot of unexpected energy folks!

Uranus is the planet of unexpected change and surprises.  It is an outer planet, meaning that it usually brings change from outside forces vs. internal revolution.  Something happens to us vs. us acting on our environment.  Mars is the planet of motivation, action, aggression, and will.  It is an inner planet so think of things like internal drive.  When you combine these forces you have a crisis point, which ultimately is what squares are all about.

Any aspect, (like a square, trine, conjunction, or opposition), just describes the relationship between the planets.  So think of a dinner party for example.  There are some people that are just annoying.  That, my friends, is the energy of a square.  And sometimes you run into these annoying people over and over again which is exactly what happened with Uranus and Mars in May, August, and September.

There are times when these transits can manifest as literal experiences.  Just this morning, my friend called me in a panic to help her run carpool because her car stopped working and all the warning lights came on.  Hello, Mars (driving to work/school), and Uranus (unexpected) and square (annoyance).  I just about spit out my coffee when I realized the manifestation of this transit.

Other times the transits can be subtle patterns.  Like that little urge to rebel against work, thus “sticking it to the man,” or the “out of the blue” aggressive comment that you didn’t see coming from a friend.  It could be that your workout got disrupted. It could even be something like a physical injury.  All of these are Mars/Uranus themes.  They aren’t going to be hard lasting changes, but more like small disruptions.  Think back to the other dates and see what similar themes or patterns emerge.  People are like, “Psshh, workouts have nothing to do with my car.”  One critique of astrology is that it is too vague.  Oh, boy, NOT when you know your birth data and you can pin point exactly what realms are getting hit.  That is EXACTLY why you need a professional astrologer.

While the energy can be similar, the one thing that is unique is what areas in your personal chart the aspects hitting.  Is it hitting your secrets and career areas?  What about your siblings and self identity?  If you are finding this information to be a bit more of an ah-ha moment and want more insight, hit me up.  It might be worth a reading to see what topics are lit up and what innovations will be integrated into your life as you move forward.

Personal Progressions

It’s been a process y’all.  So here it all is in black and white:  my history and evolution.
For as long as I can remember my professional identity has been “clinical social worker.”  I had the loans, the hours of supervision, tomes of books, and CEU’s to prove it.  I reveled in who I was:  the first pediatric medical trauma social worker in the ER at a level 1 trauma center.  We served 5 states.  Our helicopters went all the way up to the Canadian border.  And I was good. I was responsive.  I stabilized families in crisis in their worst moments they could imagine.  At times I swear I felt I was channeling God and angels.  I felt spirits leave.  I was the one who the doctors and nurses called when they couldn’t handle things.  It was powerful.  It was my everything.  But it took a toll.  It also drained my soul.  There was something very intoxicating and alienating when people would say, “I don’t know if I could do what you do.”  You felt special.  You also felt alone.  After 7 years I was feeling worn and tattered around the edges.  And then I moved into management.  Let’s just say the stars aligned and I got an amazing opportunity to lead.  Little did I know, my 10th house was on fire and my first Saturn return was in full swing.  I wanted to revolutionize how family services was done and I believed I could do it.  But then I began dating my future seriously.  He became my focus and I had a choice to make.  Who’s career would dominate?  If I wanted to be with him, I had to leave my professional world I created and thrived in.

I left.  Or should I say, I arrived.  I arrived to my new chapter of my life as a wife and partner.  I was still a social worker.  But I wasn’t medical at first.  I was administration.  But I hated the world of county mental health.  Impulsively, I quit.  The bread winner just quit one day.  And my husband supported me completely.  He said we’d figure it out.  And we did.  My heart will forever be grateful.

Over the next few years we wrestled with fellowships, timing of starting a family, multiple moves, surgeries, and a second masters for me as I searched for another passion.  We landed in Wisconsin and shortly after taking a new job in medical administration, I became pregnant.  And with that came my new role of chief caretaker and stay-at-home-mom.  I laughed off the impact of this huge transition saying that I went from boardrooms to board books.  But I also knew, being the soccer mom with a minivan filled with cheerios and crayons was not my life passion.  It nurtured me in a different way as I learned how strong I was in a way I wasn’t before.  But while it nurtured my little candle in my heart, it did not fire my soul.

Somehow I started returning to the books that I discovered when I was 10.  The small esoteric collection I cultivated and moved through dozens of apartments, houses, and states.  The ones that talked about energy and the universe and synchronicity.  And I was ultimately drawn back to the more precise  art and science of astrology.

After discovering Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs in junior high I analyzed every friend I knew on their archetype and compatability, but I knew there was more.  I remember being devastated that my best friend was a libra and how that didn’t mesh so well with my virgo nature (and boy did it ring true!)  Slowly I began to learn about moon signs and rising signs over the course of 20 years.  But by the time my oldest was 3, I was investing hundreds of dollars into my education.  The fire was ignited.  I had my first professional astrology reading for my 39th birthday.  And it just kept snowballing from there.  Books, podcasts, seeking out a mentor, webinars, etc.  And did I mention books?  Because I have a full on LIBRARY, y’all.   It has all culminated into the day where I was on the eve of my first astrology conference.

It’s not just any conference.  It is THE conference where the top 3 astrological associations combine their resources every 4-6 years.  As luck would have it, the conference will be held 90 minutes from my home.  The synchronicities are everywhere.  I’ve been planning on going for over a year.  It will be the longest I have been away from my children since they were born almost 8 years ago.

I completely fan-girled my way through the week.  I freaked out that I was in the same room and learning from my mentors whose books and podcasts I’ve admired and gone back to over and over again.  I booked a reading with this brilliant astrologer as a client.  Thank goodness she taped it, because I had so much adrenaline I couldn’t hear straight for the first 30 minutes.  Seriously, if I could just download her brain, I’d be set.  But a funny thing happened:  as I listened to her, I realized I knew my basics.  In fact I knew more than the basics; I was truly advanced.  Her insights were the same ones I made years ago.  I was on the right track.  I immediately asked to be her apprentice, which I’m happy to say, she accepted.  (Happy is an understatement…I was doing a jig on the hotel room coffee table.)

Before the conference, I was frightened I would be in over my head.  And yes, there were lectures where I was barely following the math and others I felt I could have taught.  But there were also individuals who had said they had been consulting clients for almost a decade and were asking basic questions.  Good hell!  My radar alarm went off and I then worried about how to protect the profession from imposters.  It was just like social work, only about 20-30 years earlier.  Sure there are tests you can take for competency with each astrological association, but there isn’t one governing body or license.  And the tests are not uniform in their metrics of proficiency.  This eats at me.  I’ve been such a stickler for professional standards my whole social work career, it feels prickly to be in a free-formed avocation.  An advocation, I should mention that is essentially governed by Uranus, the planet of non-conformity.  I didn’t even know “professional astrologer” was a legit career until a few years ago.  At what point in your journey can you even call yourself a professional astrologer?

At this point, I am.  I am a professional astrologer.