Hands holding fertile dirt in the shape of a heart
On May 16th, Jupiter moves into fertile Taurus for the next 12 months. Luck and wealth want staying power in this earth sign. It can be
Pine Trees in the Fog
Saturn has been in a place of strength since 2017.  The planet of work and boundaries typically takes about 2.5 years to move through a sign
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Covered Wagon in Monument Valley
Let’s talk about what Jupiter in Aries means for you.  Jupiter is called the greatest benefic planet.  Where he is in your chart shows a place
You’ve been bit by the astro bug and now you want to take the plunge to get a reading, but how do you know if it’s
Abundance, Acceptance, and Luck Jupiter is the planet that governs good luck, wisdom, wealth, the law, and expansion. And in 2021 he is bringing his jovial
Do you get confused on how to use monthly astrology forecasts? I get this question a lot. Let’s talk about how to use my monthly forecasts
Glass Chess Pieces
Saturn is in his official swan song of 2020 as he prepares to exit Capricorn mid-December.  Over the past three years he has put his foot
I’ve spent the past month scouring various astrologers predictions for their take on the elections.  One entire day of ISAR’s conference was dedicated to the mundane
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Most people are aware they have a sun and moon sign, but did you know you also have a moon phase?  The phase of the moon
Mars typically spends about 6 – 8 weeks in a sign, but when it turns retrograde it camps out to fan its flames a lot longer. 
Medical astrology is a branch of the tradition which ancient physicians used routinely.  From the transits to your natal chart, physical history, and horary questions, the
You just said YES to THE question and the ring is sparkling on your hand.  But before the blush has worn off the happy couple the

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