Monthly Forecasts

DEcember 2021 Forecast

December is filled with traditions, celebrations, and faith.  Here in the northern hemisphere it is the darkest time of the year and people spend more time indoors.  It is a time of reflection, nostalgia, and evaluation.  We balance the giving with the receiving, the public and the private, and the past with the future.  The astrology of the month supports all of these ideas letting us pause, rev up for last minute activities, and shift into new chapters with buoyant compassion.  Instead of just shaking that gift under the tree, let’s rip open the wrapping on December’s astrology.

Monthly Themes

Fated Attraction – Venus conjunct Pluto x2 

In December, this transit hits twice. While some connections feel destined, others appear orchestrated and phony. Venus and Pluto can be the obsessive Romeo and Juliet quality or the gift that has subtle manipulation behind it. Watch the power dynamics on December 11th and again on December 25th. Typically speaking, the first pass is the awareness, the second pass is the attempted solution, and the third pass is the resolution. The last pass of this will be in late January 2022.

Venus Retrograde – Reevaluating Relationships

Every 18 months, the planet of attraction and relationships goes retrograde for about 6 weeks. It gives everyone a pause to ask, “What do I really want?”It is a chance to weigh the pros and cons, look inward at what gives us pleasure, and shift our efforts. This particular retrograde is in the sign of Capricorn, who is asking about the practical side of things. Are we giving more than we are receiving? How must the work load shift?What is fascinating is Venus travels in cycles of 8 years. The last time Venus retrograded through Capricorn was in 2013 and 2006. Think back to relationship events that happened those years to clue you into what might arise.

Nodal Shift into Values

On December 23, the lunar nodes move from the axis of information and beliefs into the axis of resources and values. This axis governs the themes that will shape the eclipse themes for the next 18 months. With the North Node in Taurus, it moves the collective towards themes of grounded self-worth, a focus on desire vs. need, and nurturing what nourishes us. There will be a lot of politics at play because it’s easy and well known. The South Node in Scorpio represents what is easy and what we need to move away from.  With the South Node energy there the anxiety and stirring the pot becomes a plot line vs. zeroing in on what gives nourishment.  Forgiveness and finding the common fertile ground is where we need to move towards to grow. On personal levels, get familiar with where the transiting nodes lie in your natal chart. Those houses occupied by Taurus and Scorpio will take on a new sheen.  Integrating what you attract and what you pursue is the goal over the next 18 months.


Monthly Dates of Note

December 1: Neptune stations direct. When a planet shifts direction, the beams intensify and the significations become clearer. Ideals get the spotlight today as the planet of higher consciousness moves forward. The highest vibration of this planet is sacrifice and compassion. It is where we give space for both ourselves and others to reflect on the experience. At its worst, it is where we get deceived or loosen our personal boundaries; at its best, it is where we inspire. Look for areas of your life of where you have received; now you must give back. It is about restoring balance and sensitivity with others.

December 4: Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius conjuncts Mercury. Today wraps up the Sagittarius/Gemini themes that have permeated the past 18 months. The collective world has been debating ideas and beliefs, convictions vs. facts, and how much information is needed to form an opinion. We won’t have another series like this until 2029 when the nodes are back on this axis. This eclipse is tightly wound with the royal star, Antares. Open doors bravely, and rely on faith to see you through. You may surprise yourself with how your beliefs and trust in yourself have grown over the past 18 months to prepare for this new chapter. Take a minute to voice your needs and be honest if others can not meet your expectations. The USA’s chart is affected, so keep your eyes on the news that Thursday and Friday as well.

December 6/Hanukkah: Mars sextiles Pluto. If you need to make a power move, this is the day to do so. This transit affirms the personal authority you had all along. Timing is everything.

December 7: Mercury squares Neptune. Sometimes the words just come out all wrong. Today can bring about some awkward moments as the planet governing speech patterns gets a bit confused. The nice thing about Mercury in Sagittarius is you will easily find the humor in the situation.

December 8: Mars squares Jupiter. Neither of these planets are known for their ability to abide by the limits. This could be an impulse buy or generosity gone overboard. The justification could be like a pandora’s box as you keep digging your heels in. Listen to your gut on this one.

December 11: Venus conjuncts Pluto + Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This is the first in this series of conjunctions. Whatever life themes that get revealed today will come back around Christmas, so antennas up!  Sometimes you are drawn to things for a reason. Receive the gift from the cosmos with gratitude, but also be aware of the subtext and how the fine print may bind you.

December 12: Sun squares Neptune. Feelings of discontent can spawn grand dreams to maximize your potential. You need the awareness before you make progress. Today’s disappointment or disillusionment are the seeds of inspiration.

December 13: Mars ingresses into Sagittarius + Mercury ingresses into Capricorn. When planets move into different signs, the mood shifts on a social level.  While Mercury preferred the larger picture vs. the smaller details in Sagittarius, Mars is coming through and is asking you to act on those refreshed beliefs. Over the next few weeks, it is all about walking the talk and being realistic about the support we can give. Don’t over-promise and burn yourself out.

December 18: Full Moon in Gemini trine Jupiter. This is the first lunation that is out of eclipse season, which can be a bit of fresh air. The full moon is taking its cue from Mercury in Capricorn. This moon may feel frantic, as Gemini is a mutable sign who has a knack for getting things done at the last minute. Its ruler is in the sign of tradition, which is appropriate for the season. Today may feel a bit rushed, as it is the last push to get everything in its place before the winter break.

December 19: Sun sextiles Jupiter + Venus stations retrograde. The Sun in Sagittarius makes one last aspect before shifting into Capricorn. Think of it as a parting kiss of luck from Jupiter. You may find that perfect gift for the person who has everything or score a deal on something you have your eye on.

The other big news for today is the Venus retrograde in Capricorn. In this sign, the planet of relationships and affection gets put on ice. Over the next 6 weeks, you may not feel as connected to others as you once were. Saturn rules Capricorn, who can govern isolation, work, and things that will endure. While it can mask as feelings of insecurity or not measuring up, what it is really doing is causing you to level up and work on what you truly want. Sometimes that comes through inner work and other times it comes from doing the work behind the scenes of the relationship. Keep in mind this isn’t always a romantic partner. When Capricorn is involved, work relationships also get affected. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months and she will go direct January 29th.

December 20: Mercury trines Uranus retrograde. You might get some brilliant insights into how to best gather and use your inner resources. This could be something as simple as time management or even how you organize your grocery list. Try a new process and see what develops.

December 21/Winter Solstice: Today also marks the Season of Capricorn. These Cardinal Earth individuals are truly talented in putting the resources to use and producing results. Capricorns are practical, ambitious, and aren’t afraid of a little hard work. When rewarded, they want to make sure it is for a job well done vs. just being lucky. They value achievements and are masters at being goal-oriented. Often they can be mistaken for being older than they are simply because they are usually born with “an old soul.” They are wise beyond their years and can often function as little adults from a young age. Don’t mistake their all work attitude, because Capricorns have a quiet humor that bites with the ridiculousness of reality. Sarcasm and cynicism are hallmarks of these Sea Goats. They value tradition and time. Don’t think for a minute they are as put together as they would have you believe. Behind that poker face is someone with a pure case of “imposter syndrome.” They are so afraid of being perceived as a fraud who doesn’t know what they are doing. But trust me, Capricorns are their own worst enemy. What they really need is a best friend who will stick with them.  Over the next month, tap into traditions, evaluate your yearly goals, and celebrate your progress.

December 22: Lunar nodes shift into Taurus + Scorpio. The collective conscious moves away from the swift energies of Sagittarius and Gemini and into the slower and steadier fixed signs. Today begins a new cycle we haven’t experienced since 2003. For the next 18 months, eclipses will highlight chapters of your lives governed by Taurus and Scorpio. This polarity can show the tussle between what is risky and what is comfortable. Taurus likes what feels good and stability, whereas Scorpio can thrive on chaos of the moment for the sake of digging deeper. The axis of resources gets highlighted. Fixed signs are certain of their inner voice and dislike changing at the last minute or reinventing the wheel. Now is the time to analyze what resources you will negotiate and your risk tolerance. This has to do with debt, savings, time, and the quality of the experience in relation to the cost. Expenses will fluctuate as these series of eclipses unfold and a new individual comfort level emerges. This energy will echo through mid 2023.

December 24/Christmas Eve: Saturn squares Uranus retrograde. The last showdown between responsibility and authenticity is happening on Christmas Eve. The Saturn/Uranus square first hit in March and then July. It has been a dominant theme for all of 2021.  At the end of these aspect series, there will be a resolution. This involved themes of structure and ethics of the collective having tension with individual freedom. We saw it collectively play out with BLM movements getting more organized and individual rights with vaccines conflicting with what is good for the masses. As we near family gatherings, be aware of hot buttons. With Uranus being retrograde, this could be that inner voice doing a lot of loud talk back while playing nicely on the surface. This configuration will come close in 2022, but will not go exact.

December 25/Christmas: Venus retrograde conjuncts Pluto. This is the second time this aspect peaks its head up for December. Are you not getting the attention and affection you crave? Sometimes this transit shows us what we lack or it can point us towards your destiny. The thing about Capricorn is it is the sign that encourages self-reliance and it keeps the perspective for the long game in its sights. Think of this as another piece of the puzzle as you tune in to what you really desire and who is supporting your highest good.

December 26/Boxing Day:  Mercury sextiles Neptune. Those savings are TEMPTING! While this is the second largest retail day in the US, Neptune may cloud your purpose. Are you just returning an ugly sweater from Grandma or are you buying a whole new wardrobe? Keep your receipts handy.

December 28: Jupiter ingresses into Pisces. Cue the angels singing! Big daddy of generosity moves back into his home sign of Pisces. He won’t return to Aquarius for another 11 years.  In Pisces, Jupiter can connect with those who mean the most to him, accept individual differences that just improve the group, and help others achieve their purpose. Earlier this year, there was a preview of what Jupiter in Pisces felt like from May 13 – July 28, so think back what areas of your life improved during that period. Here in the US, mask mandates dropped overnight, and vaccine access was opened to all adults. Jupiter will move away from a Saturn ruled sign, meaning that boundaries will be based on compassion, not isolation.Humanitarian efforts will have better footing, and it will draw people to make meaning of their circumstances as life lessons. It will be interesting to see how the social scene evolves from December 28 – July 28. It is the time to expand horizons.

December 29: Mars sextiles Saturn. If you have one last push of work you want to get done before the year ends, this is the day to make headway. Make hay while the sunshines.

December 30: Mercury conjuncts Pluto. Having a social conversation with an agenda doesn’t mix. If your goal is to keep things light and airy, this is not the day to do it. However, if you need to make strategic alliances, uncover who has the true power, or make a good impression, this is your time.

December 31/New Year’s Eve: Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars + Moon sextiles Saturn. Watch how groups might rev you up. It can be a lot of fun and games or it can be a bit overwhelming, like a forest fire. The good news is if it pushes your buttons, the escape hatch is ready and waiting.