Monthly Forecasts

May 2022 Forecast

When I first got married, we lived in Indianapolis. May was like Mardi Gras for that town as the gear heads rolled into town and began revving their engines. Even if you weren’t an Indy 500 fan, the energy was explosive and loud. You couldn’t help but pick up on language about combustible engines and pit stops. Like a race car, May is ready to take the pole position. While there will be some breaks in the action with the eclipse and Mercury retrograde, it will be hard not to get caught up in the frenzy. Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines!

Monthly Themes

Jupiter in Aries: Adventure + Self-Assurance

On May 10th, the planet of wealth and generosity moves from demurred Pisces into excitable Aries. Jupiter will be on and off again through the sign of the Ram for the next year. Here, the ideal of personal freedom, staking your claim, and valuing courage will take the helm. Aries is a fire sign where inspiration is the name of the game. This differs from being a spiritual warrior in Pisces, where being part of the group is honorable. Now the emphasis moves to exploration and innovation. Humor can be irreverent and honest – almost to a fault. Burnout can be prominent as energy gets drained faster. Watch the tendency to take on too much too fast. Aries is enthusiastic, but not organized, so strategy and conservative expenditures are an afterthought. This could be the theme of the summer as Jupiter charging forward in Aries will color mid-May through July 28th where he will then retrograde. It is only at that point when everyone will have time to stop and think about their actions. What is lovely about this transit is everyone will get a boost of luck in the Aries part of their chart. Watch the spending while Jupiter is in Aries though as this is the planet that governs wealth. Money can come quick and leave just as fast in the fire signs. It could signal a return to normal spending patterns since 2019. For some, they may dare to dream about returning to school, for others it may show home renovations or moving. Everyone is getting the invitation to start something new and pioneer a new 12-year cycle. To learn more about where this is showing up in your life, read more here.

Messaging Overload: Mercury Retrograde

The planet of communication will make its second retrograde of 2022 and it will dominate 3 weeks of May. As much as Jupiter in Aries will push forward, Mercury retrograde will slow everyone down. This cycle is one to pay attention to, as Mercury will move from Gemini to Taurus. This almost feels like it’s two separate events. From May 10th – May 22nd, the sign of Gemini gets highlighted and it will bring more of that classic Mercury retrograde experience. Emails get sent to the wrong person, mail gets lost, or your GPS keeps rerouting because of a missed exit. Gemini is all about information, shared ideas, and the power of thought. Watch the hasty conclusions, misinterpretations, and distractions. When in doubt, seek clarity. This is really important if you are in a Mercury profected year. The second part of this retrograde will focus on Taurus, which is a more receptive sign. Here, listening becomes the goal. When others feel understood, relationships get boosted. Take the time to be present and value what is happening right in front of you.

Scrambling Start of Summer

Watch for a noticeable energetic shift on the evening of May 24th as all personal planets leave water signs. It could feel frenzied that last week before Memorial Day, especially Tuesday – Friday. The skies are lining up for an Aries stellium, which will feel plain rude after having so much Pisces energy. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon will all be racing to be first and Mercury is of no help being retrograde. As a Mom, the metaphor I keep getting is everyone racing out of the door late while I’m yelling they can put their shoes on in the car with my kids crying that I hurt their feelings. (Yes, I totally keep my neighbors entertained as THAT mom.) Once Venus and the Moon move into Taurus, it will feel a bit calmer. The weekend will showcase both Mars and Venus in their home signs: Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries. This gives each of them the power to do their jobs brilliantly. Venus enjoys making sure everyone is comfortable and Mars is ready for action. It will be the perfect chance to realign as we come out of eclipse season.


Monthly Dates of Note

May 1: Venus sextiles Pluto. There is power in the subtlety of demurring. When you allow the grace of someone else to take the credit, often you earn favors. With Venus in Pisces, the energy favors highlighting the collective good for long-term gains.

May 2: Venus ingresses into Aries. Over the next 26 days, the planet of relationships commands attention. She asks the object of her affection to choose her for the independent partner she can be. Take some risks over the next few weeks and be the one who reaches out.  When I saw that Roe v. Wade was set to overturn last night, this is prime energy for Venus in Aries.  This is just a continuation of the U.S. Pluto return that began in February.  

May 3: Jupiter sextiles Pluto. If you need to make some money moves, this is your day. Grasp the opportunities today while Jupiter is still in Pisces.

May 4: Mars sextiles Uranus. Routines get the boot today. You are more likely to take on new challenges that excite and inspire both you and the group. With Taurus and Pisces being receptive signs, be responsive in your environment and look for the openings.

May 5/Cinco de Mayo: Sun conjoins Uranus. This aspect happens once a year and it can be a doozy for those of you with kids, especially since the Moon will be in Cancer all day. The “yes-day” principle is in action. Find the joy in giving into the sensory pleasures and following your bliss.

May 6: Venus sextiles Mercury. Make sure your social calendar is out and ready to go because today’s energy favors making all the arrangements to create a top-notch event.

May 7: Sun sextiles Mars + Moon trines Jupiter. Today marks the last aspect Jupiter will make before he leaves Pisces. Mars is providing all the inspiration and motivation to work the last bits of goodness. It’s great to reflect on all the blessings you’ve received since the end of December. Volunteer work, donations, and connecting with other like-minded groups is favored today.

May 10:  Jupiter ingresses into Aries + Mercury stations retrograde. Fortune favors the bold, but think before you speak. The day really captures energies that feel a little contradictory in nature. Jupiter in Aries asks you to grow through avenues of self-assurance. Stand in your individuality and rely on yourself. Here Jupiter’s sovereign power takes root in new experiences and taking risks. Aires is a fire sign that has the intuitive knowledge that things will work out. Those topics of that house will get easier and the Universe asks you to step into your inner wisdom. This Mercury retrograde will straddle Gemini and Taurus so it almost feels like two different retrogrades. The first part of this retrograde will show classic themes of air like putting your foot in your mouth, speaking before thinking, and filling the silence with chatter.

May 13: Sun conjoins North Node. In traditional astrology, the north node emphasizes and expands whatever planet it is conjunct. With the Sun there, today can show overinflation of the self without the talent to back it up. Watch for others boasting or needing to accentuate what makes them stand out. Selfishness and stubbornness could get highlighted.

May 15/16: Total Lunar Eclipse + Sun squares Saturn + Sun sextiles Neptune.Lunar eclipses show endings and Mars rules this eclipse in Pisces. Today’s energy brings about the energy of trying to take the high road to the point of losing yourself. Sometimes it is seductive to get so married to the message that you aren’t sure why you are carrying the torch. This could be a symbolic ending to that cause you were rallying behind or simply giving up. Watch the substances today as they could have a more potent effect. The eclipse will be visible in all of North America and will be at its maximum at 11:11 PM CDT.

May 18: Mars conjoins Neptune. Self-sacrifice can be a theme for today. Energies get zapped, confusion of goals, and ambiguous results. With the Moon in Capricorn today, there can be a lot of frustration when ambition gets thwarted or leadership doesn’t step up to the plate. To avoid frustration, try to go with the flow today and not press your agenda.

May 19: Sun trine Pluto + Mercury retrograde sextiles Jupiter. Look for your deeper motivation today. Make the larger connections of what is supporting your growth. It is a day to see the coincidences and put meaning behind them.  Sometimes the greatest gift is who you know behind the curtain.

May 20: Sun ingresses into Gemini. The sign of the twins is mutable air. These individuals are fantastic at changing direction and juggling last minute workings for deadlines. Geminis are gifted with self-expression and have a core need for people recognizing their intellectual ability. They are witty, can talk their way in and out of trouble, and have the latest news. They can literally be news junkies or gossip queens. It actually serves them as a great defense mechanism; if they can distract you with news about others, then the spotlight doesn’t have to be on them personally. Because their minds move so fast, they can come across as intellectual snobs and flighty at times. Like other air signs, they doubt constantly. While Aquarius become devils advocates and Libras continually seek clarification, Geminis will continually gather more information as a means of coping. During this next month, embrace this energy by becoming interested in others, become curious, and extend your social connections.

May 21: Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde. There will be a moment of distinct clarity today as when Mercury is in the heart of the Sun. This is called Cazimi. It occurs about 3 hours of the exact conjunction, which happens at 2:17 PM CDT. If you need to sign a contract or have an important conversation, try to time it as close to that timeframe as possible. This can be like that beam of sunshine striking a spotlight through the gathering clouds.

May 22: Mercury retrogrades into Taurus + Mars sextiles Pluto. This is part two of the Mercury retrograde. The messaging of Gemini mutates into the value-driven part of Taurus. In order to discern, it is sometimes best to listen and see if the message holds weight. Over the next two weeks, be present and see if the messages you receive are useful. Throw yourself into projects today and watch how much work you get done.

May 23: Sun sextiles Jupiter + Mars sextiles Mercury retrograde. If you wanted to speak with higher ups, this is the day to do it. You might have to do some internal motivation to get up the courage to speak your mind, but the reward potential is there. With Mercury being retrograde, you can be your own worst enemy. Remember how many people you have in your corner.

May 24: Mars ingresses into Aries + Venus sextiles Saturn. Today’s energy really brings a Carpe diem flair to the table. It is like having self-confidence on steroids because you have earned it. Friends will back you up as you launch forward. Taking action is your best bet, especially this evening as the Moon connects with Mars this evening.

May 25: Mercury retrograde trines Pluto. Words have substance, so weigh them carefully. With the Moon in Aries, today’s potential of sticking your foot in your mouth is quite possible. If you had any business deals that need to be reviewed, today is a great day to do it. You might spot some hidden loopholes you didn’t see before.

May 27: Venus squares Pluto. Today is not the easiest day for partnerships. These two planets governing relationships and power are getting their cues from both malefics today and it feels a bit conflicted. It’s not the day to make major decisions about the future with your partner. Give it another day before broaching hard topics.

May 28: Venus ingresses into Taurus. Devotion gets a spotlight when Venus comes home to Taurus. In this sign, she can slow down and smell the roses, taste the herbs, and enjoy the crisp cool sheets. The Moon is also in Taurus this morning, so a smaller surprise could lead you into seeking security. Let yourself self-soothe.

May 29: Mars conjoins Jupiter. When the planet of aggression gets the upper hand, Jupiter becomes the crowd that cheers him on. It could be a day where things feel fun and exciting, but the breaks are missing. Sports events are actually a great outlet today.

May 30/Memorial Day: New Moon in Gemini. Today marks the first lunation out of eclipse season. Mercury retrograde in Taurus rules this new moon. While it’s a great day for catching up with old friends, the gossip can be a little sticky. The planet of communication is conjunct Algol, which is one of the more problematic fixed stars. Algol is also called Medusa’s Head and it can bring about issues of treason, shifting loyalties, and those in power to have a fall from grace. Sometimes you learn things you can’t unsee or you can get overloaded with information that feels disorienting. Try to listen more than you talk today.