Foggy Boundaries: Saturn in Pisces

Pine Trees in the Fog

Saturn has been in a place of strength since 2017.  The planet of work and boundaries typically takes about 2.5 years to move through a sign and the last 5 years he has enjoying being the lord of his castle in Capricorn and Aquarius.  These are his home signs where he knows the lay of the land, how to shore up resources, inspect the foundation for cracks, and survey the war table in his protected castle.  He has had the upper hand in resistance, being comfortable with boundaries, and ensuring hard work is getting logged diligently.  However, on March 7th, all of this will feel a bit different.  Saturn realizes he cannot expand his experience by staying in the same spot and so he needs to march out into the fog away from the castle.  The haze can be a bit disorienting and you have to develop new senses and alliances away from the castle. Welcome to Saturn in Pisces.  

Mutable Water

All planets take their cues from the sign they are traversing. It’s like the landscape dictating how they act. Saturn will always do hard work, make necessary choices, and find the boundary; he just has to take his cues from mutable water Pisces. This is a sign ruled by Jupiter and it is elemental water. This is like finding the shore in a thick fog. Pisces is a place of feeling comfortable untethered.  This is where compassion rules, and you can find comfort in acceptance and spirituality.  As a mutable sign, it is also a place where things can change and adjust.  Feelings shift, and we have to find responsibility in the changing landscape.  Over the past 5 years, Saturn has been able to rely on external cues to show where the boundaries are. Consequences were imposed. Everyone remember when COVID lockdown was in high gear and you weren’t admitted to buildings without a mask? In Pisces, that boundary becomes an internal voice. It’s time to tune into what your intuition is telling you.

Personal Ebbs and Flows

While Saturn is transiting Pisces, it can be a time when role confusion could take over at work or at home. Either you see a need and give yourself permission to stretch your skill sets, or the powers that be can keep increasing pressure as things weren’t well defined in the first place.  Watch the potential for playing the martyr with this transit especially if you are in a Saturn profected year. Saturn in Pisces can put a spotlight on where we’ve been a doormat for others. Finally there is that straw that breaks the camels back and a boundary comes out of nowhere. All of those little transgressions add up. Chances are if resentment starts to build, that is a hallmark warning bell that you need to have a conversation to get the lay of the land.

It is also a time to face the consequences of where we allowed ourselves to dissociate.  Phones, games, social media, and substances allow altered reality to set up habits in our lives since lockdown.  Now that inner authority needs to reside in you.  If there is a little voice that is telling you something isn’t right, chances are is is 100% dead on!  Pisces has an association with mind-altering substances. Here, Mercury is in his detriment and by modern astrologers, Neptune is the ruler. This transit can be a time when you are ready to face the music of how alcohol culture has permeated your personal life. Perhaps you are feeling the need to change your behavior and attitudes of group gatherings. This can be a good time to become “sober curious”. If you are old enough, think back to what themes popped up for you in 1994 – 1996 to give you a sense of what may be ahead.

On a World Level

Keep your eye out for shifting hidden wealth, especially for issues around religious groups. Just this past week the Mormon Church was fined for keeping a 32 billion dollar investment account hidden. These kind of stories may surface more. Pisces is a sign that is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of money, philosophy, and ideals.  Laws may change governing benefactors and donations.  Spirituality may get a seat at the news desk as well.  Keep an eye on how medication and pharmaceuticals will change in the next couple of years.  There could be a number of conditions that are treated off-label of what the medication was originally slated to treat.  Innovations in pharmaceuticals seem likely. This could actually be a boon for those who are looking for access to reproductive medications. Calling it “menstral regulation” vs “chemical abortion” may be the loophole needed. Saturn in his most literal form is death and in a water sign, it could bring increased pollution in the water ways, floods, or maritime disasters. This is already starting with the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment of chemicals killing the fish.

Moving Forward Emotionally

Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past

Jerry Jampolsky, author of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

From now until May 2025, you have the ability to exercise acceptance and compassion in ways you didn’t think would be possible. Saturn can be a planet that is focused on the past and the experiences endured. Saturn governs fear. However, in a Jupiter ruled sign he softens a bit. Jupiter rules hope. It is hard to move forward when you are so focused on yesterday’s lessons. The only person responsible for this integration is you and the first step is forgiving yourself. Wrap yourself up in that enveloping fog like a hug, remember you did the best you could with the wisdom you had, and choose a different path.

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