Jupiter in Taurus: Sustained Abundance

On May 16th, Jupiter moves into fertile Taurus for the next 12 months. Luck and wealth want staying power in this earth sign. It can be a definite change of pace, as Taurus is a fixed sign and one who enjoys a slower tempo. Jupiter will want to see tangible results from his efforts. He will shore up his resources to gain sustainability.

Jupiter is a transpersonal planet meaning that he directs more of societal trends and cultural implications. He takes the hard earned experience from Saturn and makes meaning of it. Jupiter justifies information into wisdom. He also looks to the horizon and broadens our scope. Jupiter expands. As my good friend Sam Reynolds says, “Jupiter shows us our excellence and our excesses.” Jupiter in Taurus on a societal level, can bring about a mindset of the have and have-nots. Watch for the tendency for scarcity mindset, hanging onto things just in case of future needs, and justifying behavior or decisions. Further class division can be a potential outcome.

In Taurus, Jupiter will follow Venus’ cues, which means he could want to splurge more on opulence, sensual pleasures, and things that promote beauty. He may spend a bit more on the upgrade, but will weigh luxury with enduring choices. The money spent will need to be practical – this is an earth sign, after all. For example, Jupiter may decide he needs to splurge on upgrading the heating and cooling system so he can justify nudging the thermostat with a smile. Larger expenses are possible, but only once he can see the potential benefit.

Having Uranus co-present with Jupiter adds a bit of a wild card to the mix. However, they won’t conjoin exactly until April 2024.  Uranus asks us to individuate and move towards authenticity. Uranus, as a whole, can be quite explosive and isn’t afraid to make changes or bring new information to light. Self-sufficiency will be an overarching theme in Taurus with these two planets there.

If Taurus on one of your angles or Jupiter is your profected planet of the year, this ingress will have the greatest impact. Look to see what house Taurus occupies in your natal chart to see what topics of your life will get highlighted.

Horoscopes for Jupiter in Taurus

Aries Rising: Jupiter will focus your attention on your income sector. This can be a time of great earning, but also great spending.

Taurus Rising: You become the zodiac darling as the planet of luck graces your outlook on life. These next 12 months amplify your opportunities and your optimism.

Gemini Rising: Jupiter will transit your 12th house of self-undoing and spirituality. You may have increased wisdom about your habits that impede your highest self. It is also a good time to explore mysticism and spiritual matters.

Cancer Rising: Friends and mentors come to the spotlight for the next 12 months. This is the house where Jupiter finds his joy. He can shine his optimism brightly and share his wisdom. Look for like-minded groups, networking opportunities, and ways to help others.

Leo Rising: Are you ready for your career to take off? Having Jupiter transit your 10th house is a big deal! Higher-ups are taking notice of your potential and are ready to invest in you. Look for ways to increase your recognition over the next year.

Virgo Rising: There is a distinct possibility that you might return to school or travel long distance this next year. Jupiter will be in your 9th house of expanded horizons. Here he is ready to broaden his perspective, explore new cultures, and expose you to new ways of thinking.

Libra Rising: Jupiter will transit your 8th house of shared resources. Over the next 12 months, you might benefit from additional help with financial planning, getting your wills and inheritance straightened out, or merging your assets with someone else. Banks and loans also get highlighted. If you need to make a move, help is ready and willing to help you find creative solutions.

Scorpio Rising: This transit brings a bit of sweetness and a lot of options into the dating realm. This could be the time for you to find your mate and really envision a long-term future together.

Sagittarius Rising: If you’ve been experiencing any health issues, this is the time to get the help needed. Jupiter in the 6th makes you incredibly busy on a day-to-day basis, but it also lines up the experts ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Pay closer attention to your diet, as Jupiter in this house can also lead to unexpected weight gain.

Capricorn Rising: There will be increased focus on your kids and your love affairs over the next 12 months. This is one of the sweetest transits as the planet of luck visits the house that governs pleasure. Really slow down and appreciate life’s blessings.

Aquarius Rising: If you were thinking about a move, this might be the time to do it. Gains in real estate, wisdom and connection around ancestry, and a focus on your private time can take hold over the next 12 months.

Pisces Rising: Expect increased involvement and awareness of your community issues. This could be a time where you volunteer more with your children’s school, reconnect with your siblings, or start networking with neighbors. With this transit, you may find your voice on issues you didn’t know needed expression. Positive relationships start close to home.

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