Moon Phases and Personality

Most people are aware they have a sun and moon sign, but did you know you also have a moon phase?  The phase of the moon has a large influence on your natural talents with problem solving and how you approach life.  As the moon’s light changes through the month, the snapshot of what the moon looked like at your birth was captured in your natal chart. 

New Moon

The Moon begins her journey at a new moon where the sky is dark and her brilliance is nowhere in sight. With her luminance hidden, she is on the brink of starting something new. There is no light to show her the path forward and so she must rely on instincts and gut feeling.  Seeds are planted and hope takes hold.  Often people born under this phase are early adopters into change and learn to take risks knowing they can shift their direction once the path is illuminated.  Decisions are made quickly without a lot of information; its almost like they have a 6th sense as to what will work well.  If your moon is 0 – 45 degrees ahead of your sun, this is your phase.

Waxing Crescent

Once the moon peeks out from the Earth’s shadow, a small silvery crescent begins to show in the night sky.  During this phase the seeds are already in the ground, but we do not know what the sprouts will look like.  Will the seeds of change take hold or will they fail?  This is the time of blind nurturing.  As an individual, manifestation has started to take hold.  You hold space for the promise of what is to come and begin to show small signs of the changes taking place under the surface.  These individuals hold their cards close to their chest and not ready to show off what they are developing.  This is the phase where the creativity is blooming under the surface. If your moon is between 45 – 90 degrees ahead of your sun, you are in the waxing crescent phase.

First Quarter Moon

At the first quarter moon, the sprouts have pushed through the ground and action is taking place.  We know which seed took hold, but we can’t decipher the individual plant.  They are tender, but  strong in their root structure.  This is the ego building phase where you begin to see the promise take shape and calculate the yield you will gather.  Here, we tend to the strongest of the seedlings as they are in their biggest growth phase of life.  Likewise, it’s time to weed out the seedlings that are too close, too weak, or are crowding out your prized ideas.  Your gift is knowing where to direct your energies and making choices.  You know your capabilities. If your moon is 90 – 135 degrees ahead of your sun, this is your lunar phase. 

Gibbous Moon

Working with the gibbous moon, your confidence is at a all time high.  You know what you can deliver and the fruit is starting to bud on the fruit.  This is the time to have faith in your hard work, commit to the end product, and speak your convictions.  It’s time to tend the budding fruit of your efforts and not get distracted by the weeds cropping up.  Persistence and self-promotion is key for these individuals.  This phase is 135 – 180 degrees ahead of the sun.

Full Moon

At the full moon, harvest is at it’s peak and the light is at its brightest.  It’s not a time for new projects but a time to reap your reward.  This is the best it is going to get and its time to gather things in your prime.  Probably the hardest part of this phase is the timing to pick the fruit in it’s prime. While some want to rush forward and get the fruit when its too firm, others will wait until it gets mushy on the vine.  Individuals in this phase have a knack for timing and seizing the moment.  Decisions are weighed carefully.  If your moon is 180 – 135 degrees behind the sun, this is your phase.

Disseminating Moon

During the disseminating moon, the light is beginning to fade.  It is still light, but we know darkness will come.  We are taking stock of our achievements and are wondering where they can be put to best use.  Will these be better jam or eaten whole?  People born under this phase are always looking for ways to best maximize their gifts.  This is a time of evaluating resources and taking stock of how to best use your talents.  This is your phase if your Moon is 135 – 90 degrees behind the sun.  

Third Quarter Moon

Under a third quarter moon, this has similar energy to the first quarter moon, but the light is fading.  Here we are refining our existing skills and playing “Monday morning quarterback” to see what we would change if we had to do it all over.  Any new ideas created are quickly related to the past and process improvement.  Individuals born under this influence have solid gifts in reviewing past courses and listing what they would do differently next time.  It is a time of passing our wisdom to the youth and is a very productive time.  This is when your gifts ferment and get stronger as they transform and blend their flavors. This is your phase if your moon is 90 – 45 degrees behind the sun.  

Balsamic Moon

The balsamic moon is the last phase.  This is a time to tend the soil and let the ground rest.  Individuals born with this phase are security oriented and naturally reflective.  This is the time for releasing what didn’t work and self-care.  It can be a challenge as the empty nester has deafening quiet in the house, or the awards begin to gather dust.  You have been used to the hustle and bustle of previous cycles and are now dealing with the burden of clearing and sitting in the stillness.  People born with this phase are naturally gifted with patience and understand that exits always show hidden doors.  This is your phase if your moon is 45 – 0 degrees behind the sun.

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