The Sun: Who Am I?

Let’s talk about that brilliant ball of light that not only grows us amazing veggies and flowers, but also can give anyone a blistering burn if we worship it for too long on a bright day.  I’m talking about the sun and how it behaves through the signs of the zodiac.  

Planet Facts:

Travel Time:  about 365 days to make 1 cycle

Day of the week:  Sunday

Zodiac Sign it Rules:  Leo

Dignities: Special Signs for the Sun

Domicile:  Leo

“Enough about me, lets talk about you.  What do you think about me?”  The Sun is at home in Leo where it can shine to it’s fullest.

Detriment:  Aquarius

Opposite of the home base.  Leo is focused on the Me; Aquarius is focused on the Community.  If the Sun is placed here, it just has to work harder to gain the spotlight.

Exalted:  Aries

This is his place of honor.  Aries likes to be noticeable and first.  When the sun is here, it can get his job done easily.

Fall:  Libra

The opposite of the exalted position.  Libra is worried about equal partnerships, not individual spotlights.  When the sun is here in a natal chart, it can indicate some difficulties getting its expressions heard.  

Sun Signs: How it Behaves + Natural Gifts

Our core self and where our natural talents and focuses are. Your sun sign represents what you are known for.  It also represents the intellect and ego.  What pushes you forward?  In traditional astrology in day charts, the sun represents the father.  It is where we get our natural energy.

Sun in Aries:  Courage. 

Keyword:  I AM.  You instinctively know how to act and will be the first on-board.  Patience IS NOT your virtue.  You like being the the thick of things and will do your best.  Success only pushes you forward.  You like to be in charge of yourself.  Thank u, next!

Sun in Taurus:  Dependable.  

Keyword:  I HAVE.  You find things of value and hang onto them.  Sun in Taurus individuals know good taste when you see it.  You are slow to start, but quick to get in a rut and are committed to the long haul.  Blending the sense of being grounded with an air of sophistication is your specialty.  Loyalty is highly valued.

Sun in Gemini:  Responsive. 

Keyword:  I THINK.  I know I said, “responsive,” but let’s be honest: its hard for you NOT to be responsive. Quick in thought and action, some may call you scattered.  It’s not chaotic; you know where everything is in those messy piles!  You like multiple deadlines and the rush of managing it all.  Your wit and sarcasm is razor sharp.  Boredom is a 4 letter word for you.  For inspiration, look no further than Clairee’s character in Steel Magnolias, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!”  You have the 411 on everyone!

Sun in Cancer:  Nurturing.  

Keyword:  I FEEL.  These individuals wear a hard shell of armor on the outside to protect their kind and gentle ways.  They literally carry their homes with them at all time so people feel comfortable.  However, the minute to knock on their shells, they hide away and pretend it wasn’t their idea.  They INITIATE emotional connections, but reserve the right NOT to respond.  They relish the idea of being sentimental and helping others feel connected as long as they have a chance to disconnect when they think you are taking too much.

Sun in Leo:  Energetic.  

Keyword:  I WILL. These individuals hold court even when things are quiet and there is no one around.  They live life as if they were on stage.  They are the natural entertainer and the spotlight seems to follow them wherever they go.  However, one small thorn in that lion’s paw can cause the drama to swell.  To them that is a mortal enemy to their image and their ego.  Recognition comes easily to these individuals. They genuinely like themselves and just being around them makes you like yourself more too.  They are the natural cheerleaders.

Sun in Virgo:  Discerning.  

Keyword:  I ANALYZE.  These individuals think about how to improve everything all the time.  They have a natural tendency to shine the spotlight on the weak point, not because they want you to feel bad, but to normalize it and help you problem solve.  Its no wonder others feel so criticized, but really it is done out of love.  They are shakers and movers of the zodiac because they always see new projects.  They will help you simplify hard tasks, organize your resources, and help you identify your priorities.

Sun in Libra:  Charm.  

Keyword:  I BALANCE.  The sun is in his fall here because all Libra wants is a partner in life.  As Tyrion in Game of Thrones illustrated, “No one is very happy, which means it’s a good compromise.”  Libra is known for their diplomacy which means that the spot light isn’t on them.  Their sun shines brightly for everyone and as a result they don’t get all of the warmth.  As a paradox, Libras want to be admired for their charm and their brilliance of handling social situations with grace.

Sun in Scorpio:  Determined.  

Keyword:  I DESIRE.  These individuals carry a coat of armor, claws, and a stinging tail.  They are intense and look for the hidden motivation.  They are magnetic in their ability to draw people in and adept in their range of skills.  Your follow through is penetrating and intense just like the power of your memory.  Like the Leo, a Scorpio will not let you back into their sunlight if you have crossed them.  Secrets are currency.  Scorpios know that the sun is useful, but so are the shadows.

Sun in Sagittarius:  Optimistic.  

Keyword:  I SEE.  The Sun soars through the sky with these individuals.  They will often aim higher than their target, in hopes of hitting something.  They are the rustic individuals who are always following the sun on the next adventure.  These archers want to know the larger picture, the hidden cultures, and the mysticism of life.  People like you for your easy-going spirit and ability to ground them into a higher purpose.  Crisis actually brings out the best in you; with one well placed smile and a joke you unite the group into a common goal.  Details are your downfall.

Sun in Capricorn:  Ambition.  

Keyword:  I USE. Welcome to the CEO energy of the universe.  If it’s not useful, these sea goats will be quick to cut their losses.  They employ strategy in everything.  What they forget is that people are more than a cog in a machine.  They view goal attainment on treadmills; there’s always a continual loop of achievement.  Promises are etched in stone and the world is viewed in black and white.  For as many trophies they have on their wall, they always fear they aren’t good enough.

Sun in Aquarius:  Original.  

Keyword:  I KNOW. These individuals want to know the boundaries just so they can see how far they can push beyond it.  They believe themselves to be a bit intellectually superior although always approachable.  Aquarians look out for the larger issues of the world, but can feel largely detached to themselves.  They play devils advocate for fun.  The Sun is in detriment here.  It is like the Planet of Me is trying to fit in to a party celebrating the Everyone.  It’s hard to figure out where that spotlight lands.

Sun in Pisces:  Compassion.  

Keyword:  I BELIEVE.  When two fish are connected but swimming in opposite directions, it doesn’t create forward motion:  it creates a cyclone of emotion digging deeper.  The Sun in Pisces knows it’s not moving forward and it’s ok; first it must have a vision of where it wants to go.  But before that it must have the emotional impulse for inspiration to change.  This is the wisdom of Pisces.  They know everything is interconnected and they are ok with the blurring of the boundaries.  On a hot day, we stare off into the highway and we see a shimmer; perhaps the mirage of glimmering water.  Pisces is the first to hand you a cup of water to quench your thirst.

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