Midlife Transits: Neptune Square Neptune

There comes a point in midlife when you start to confront that dream of what your life was supposed to look like. Welcome to Neptune Square Neptune.

“The dream” took shape through many different influences.  It could’ve been your grandfather pressuring you to take on the family business.  It could have been that promise of a blank passport and a hope to have all the stamps of the world by the time you were 40.  It could have been the dream of the white picket fence you had idolized and the framed diplomas in the home office.  

At some point we take spiritual inventory not only to wonder how did I get here, but where did I get these ideas of where I should be and are these ideas and all the “shoulds” worth claiming as mine?  If they aren’t, then it’s time to clean house.  

This transit is a really an internal one, but you see it manifest in outward ways.  People start either reconnecting to family or distancing themselves.  They start going back to church or exploring spiritual rituals.  People start thinking of how to align their life with their values.  The topics hit are highlighted by the areas of their birth charts that are affected.

When people aren’t liking what they are seeing and don’t know what to do with this energy, you find the lower manifestation of Neptune.  It comes about through distraction or procrastination.  What can I escape into so I can avoid the real emotional work?  Social media?  Binge watching shows?  Alcohol?  Shopping?  Workaholic tendencies?

My Natal Neptune hangs out in my 3rd house of elementary education, communication, neighborhoods, and social community.  That square lit up those house topics like a Christmas tree!  We had an awful time trying to figure out if we should keep him in the neighborhood school or try for the charter STEM school.  I was worried about finding friends for both him and our family.  I was worried about his learning style.  And I was replaying the old tapes I had growing up when my family went back and forth between public and private education.  We finally decided to put our name into the ring and turn to something very off the beaten path of Feng Shui, as a spiritual practice (it was squaring my 12th house), to give ourselves the best chance, but let it go into the hands of the Universe. Long story short, he was accepted, and I opened my boundaries back up to astromagick, manifesting, and the power of intention.

When Neptune squares are done well you can see an integration with that person. They resolve the shoulds with what their souls desire. You can expect your Neptune Square to occur around 40-42 and it will last about 2 years.  Let me know if I can help you find when and where your Neptune square will be occurring in your chart.

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7 thoughts on “Midlife Transits: Neptune Square Neptune

  1. Hannah says:

    I can’t figure out how to calculate my Neptune square!

  2. R L says:

    I’m in a Neptune square between my first (natally) and fourth (by transit). I’ve been trying to figure out future plans for grad school and have been fleshing out a vanlife solution once my kids are old enough to leave the house in 5 years or so.

    What feels most notable about this transit is the irrepressible urge to escape, or the feeling of confinement. I love my kids, we get along and enjoy each other even though I’m the only parent at home. But man if I don’t feel the itch to just cut tail and hit the road.

    I am quite saturnian by nature and Saturn is currently Rx conjunct my natal Sun, so I know enough not to make any ultra-solid plans. Saturn has been insistent that any vanlife ideas I come up with must be feasible and practical, and with it Rx right now, I know I don’t even have all the pieces for that yet.

    But in 5 years’ time, right after my Uranus opposition, the time will be more right. Just that itch, man. Neptune really lays it on thick.

    1. Ali Gully says:

      That Neptune square will for certain push those escape hatch buttons! If you have any aspect between the Moon and Jupiter, wanderlust can be quite tempting too. Thank you for sharing! xoxoxo, Ali

  3. Toby says:

    Hi! I’d love help figuring out how long this transit will last for me, I’m struggling big time

  4. SashaSeeker says:

    Currently experiencing my Neptune square transit with my Natal Neptune in Sagittarius (4th house) squaring Neptune in Pisces (7th) house. I am trying to remain grateful for my job and home, also wanting to move elsewhere and be happy but feeling stuck. My hometown feels ice cold, even my family…so I’m hoping to put down roots elsewhere.

    1. Ali Gully says:

      Sarah, Often with Neptune squares it can feel like the grass is always greener on the other side. This makes sense!


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