Into the Light Comes Change

Tonight is the full moon in Taurus.  Normally this is a really amazing moon.  Taurus is a fixed sign.  It wants to curl up with a luxurious blanket, sip gourmet hot chocolate, and relax.  But tonight is a different story because the moon is hanging out right next to Uranus.  Uranus LOVES change and unexpected lightening bolts.  This doesn’t mingle well with our fixed signs of Taurus (where the moon is) and Scorpio (where the sun just entered yesterday).  Our lovely fixed signs are all about routine and protecting the way things have always been.  They like consistency.  They like deep and meaningful relationships.  But when you throw Uranus in the mix…ooh, boy.

Some potential ways things can manifest during this time are unexpected departures in stable relationships, new information and secrets coming to light, or shake-ups to “this is the way we’ve always done things” attitudes.  With the sun moving into Scorpio, a sign notorious for its secrets, the full moon shines its light and exposes them.  Full moons are always about endings and those ah-ha moments.  The October full moon is traditionally called the hunters moon or the dying moon.  Native Americans likened it to the time after the crops have been harvested and the rest of the plant is dying.

I am always amazed how astrology manifests.  This morning, a dear friend was preparing for her birthday party.  Suddenly she found out that her grandfather, a steady presence in her life, had passed.  I was so sad to hear of his unexpected death.  A birthday celebration shifts to a time of life reflection.  My heart goes out to her and her family.

While the story was a literal manifestation, things aren’t always so dramatic.  Ways that you can help mitigate the effects of today is to actively invite change into your life.  Be deliberate in driving a new way to work or even using your non-dominant hand to do routine things like opening doors or brushing your teeth.  Studies have shown that these small changes help rewire our brains and create new pathways of learning.  Change is stimulating and it yields innovation.  Let the full moon shine new ways into your fixed paths.

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