May 2020 Forecast

May is going to take on two themes:  social promises and manic narratives.  Did I pique your interest?  Grab a cuppa joe, an extra cookie, and cozy up with me.  I’ve got a lot to say…

On April 30th, Uranus, the planet of upheaval and revelations, gave its podium to Mercury, our planet of communication.  This happens really late in the evening so expect the energy to be echoing through May 1st.  Given that all of this is happening in Taurus, our sign of resources, I’m expecting people to be reeling from unexpected news.  Safety is a big theme here.  Pay attention to news about food and personal resources.

A very important aspect is making her first pass on May 3rd.  Venus in Gemini is making a square to Neptune in Pisces.  This is bringing the promise of increased social connections, but the question remains:  will it be more of a daydream or a nightmare unfolding?  The warm weather here in the States is beckoning us out of our hibernation and back into society.  There is a hunger to this Venus who wants all of the sweetness, the smiles, the hugs, and the warmth.  In Gemini, Venus is flirty and makes tentative plans with everyone, but she also holds her cards close and won’t commit until the last minute after weighing all the options.  Neptune compounds things as his whole purpose is to dissolve boundaries.  Gemini likes to solve, Neptune likes to dis-solve.  There aren’t clear guidelines as to what parts of society can open.  The temptation really starts to pop up this weekend.  It’s also calling up the tension between the individual needs and protecting the collective.  Given that Venus is out of bounds, we will probably go overboard and socialize more than we should.

On May 4th the Sun comes and shines its spotlight on Mercury in a conjunction.  This is our way of saying, “Now that we have the info, what does this mean for me?”  The Sun is our core selves and we are trying to integrate that new information.  What seemed fuzzy, is now starting to come into focus.  

Late on May 5th, the moon’s nodes change signs.  For the past 18 months, the North Node has been in Cancer, bringing more of our focus back to the home.  The South Node has been in Capricorn, where we are looking to cut back.  Capricorn manages our government, our authorities, and our leadership.  It’s almost like divine timing that here we are looking at ending our prescribed shelter at home tenures.  Tonight the nodes shift to focus on the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius.  This axis normally governs information, education, and how we expand our horizons.  This shift will flavor what society focuses on for the next 18 months.  I did a video post on this in detail where you can see by clicking this link. 

Given the nature of Gemini and Sagittarius, I’m going to wager that the focus will be on how we decide where our most valuable sources of information will be as well as the delivery of it.  Think about our news sources and our education system.  Like Gemini, there are two sides of the story and we might see us really focus on where our facts are coming from.  With the South Node in Sagittarius, the place where convictions are birthed, it is bringing about a crisis of meaning.  As a collective we will be pushing for the truth and figuring out how we get to consensus.  Leave room for new ideas and don’t get locked into old convictions.  Convictions and persuasion do not always equal truth.  Be cognizant of how information sources pick the threads of information to expose.  This will be an unfolding story through early 2022.

May 7th brings our first lunation with a Full Moon in Scorpio.  This is a pretty charged moon as it is ruled by Mars in Aquarius.  The moon is not really comfortable in the sign of emotional depths and there are some murky waters to be certain.  Instead of the surface frustrations, this full moon illuminates all of the grief and anger we’ve been suppressing since March 30th.  Don’t be surprised how intense some of these feelings are; Mercury is in a sextile to Neptune.  It’s hard to come to grips when no one has a concrete answer.  Remember that the one thing you can control is yourself.  Even by identifying how things are impacting you and taking the smaller steps of, “What can I do NOW?” is empowering.  Also, watch the alcohol intake today.  

On May 9th, Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto retrograding through Capricorn.  We are going to see some practical solutions being brought to the table.  Perhaps you feel the need to do something small like take an inventory of your pantry or reorganize your home office.  Make small tangible changes that you can see to help you feel in control.

Mother’s Day in the States is on May 10th which is a bit active astrologically.  Mercury in Taurus gives a hug to Jupiter in Capricorn.  The gifts today will be practical.  So maybe you usually give Mom a spa day but today you might pivot to giving her that Le Creuset pan she always wanted instead.  Taurus rules the garden, baking, and other sweet gifts we can create.  The Sun is also sextiling Neptune which favors creating and homemade gifts.  Think outside of the box.  Saturn also stations today in Aquarius.  It punctuates what we felt as the new normal was created in March.  It just might be another zoom meeting for Mother’s Day if you don’t feel like chancing it and risking her health.  Saturn’s energy gets intensified which calls us to look at the boundaries and the wisdom.  This doesn’t have the light feel like so many other mother’s days in the past.  We are really aware of the effect of time today and honoring our ancestral lines.

On the 11th, Mercury in Taurus squares Mars in Aquarius.  Within hours of this aspect, Mercury moves into Gemini.  This is where the manic pace starts to gain traction.  Watch for harsh judgments about people’s choices.  It’s hard to slow everything down, but it’s important.  When Mars is in late degrees of any sign it feels the urge to make any action, even if it’s wrong, just for the sake of movement.  Once Mercury moves into Gemini, we may feel less stuck and can see the other’s point of view a bit easier.  

On the 12th, Mercury in Gemini trines Saturn in retrograde.  These are both operating in air signs which likes debate.  Both of these planets are operating at full strength from their home court.  So yes, there will be A LOT of discussion about the next stage of opening up today.  You also might feel caught off guard by the stark difference of self-control in our new reality of social interaction.  Who is honoring the new normal and who is holding on the past?  Mars is moving into Pisces in the late evening hours.  Be aware that this energy will fight for peace, but also likes to take things personally.  He’s great at playing the victim and letting others feel sorry for him.  This energy is really important to take into consideration for tomorrow.  “Why does everything happen to me?,” is a Mars in Pisces phrase.

On the 13th Venus turns retrograde in Gemini.  With people drifting into their victim stance, Venus in retrograde loses her voice of clearly identifying what she wants.  She will suppress her feelings to placate Mars.  Venus will retrograde from 5/13 – 6/25.  The big question to ask is, “Am I sure this is what I want?”  Venus is looking to Mercury in Gemini to help her clarify her position.  There will be a lot of weighing the pros and cons and talking with close friends.  

Notoriously Venus retrogrades will bring exes out of the wood work and this retrograde is of no exception especially with the Neptune configuration.  You may have selective memory as to why you ended things years ago and nostalgia will help amplify the dreaminess.  Venus retrogrades happen roughly every 2 years and it repeats every 8 years almost down to the same degree.  Think about what you were going through late spring of 2012.  This is an opportunity to get the window of themes you will be experiencing.  For everyone, it is a chance to reassess how you evaluate your self-worth.

On May 14th, Jupiter stations in Capricorn.  He’s going to hang out here until September 12th.  Again, when a planet stations it has and intensification energy.  To add to the mix the Sun in Taurus is trining Pluto in Capricorn.  It is really a day to think about how far you come.  Think about the new skills you have revamped during this time of quarantine.  Think about how much more self-reliant you have become.  These are huge lessons that were hard earned.  Don’t don’t discount your personal growth.  

After a frantic couple of weeks, we move into Gemini season on May 20th.  This sign is a mutable one, meaning it likes the last minute workings.  It’s great with a deadline and is ok changing direction to make things work.  These individuals are gifted at self-expression and have a base core need of people recognizing their intellectual ability.  They are witty.  One of their jobs in life is to distinguish lies from truth.  Sure they can see both sides of the argument, but they will not confuse conviction with evidence.  Because their minds move so fast, they can come across as intellectual snobs and flighty at times.  They doubt constantly.  During this time we can embrace this energy as we discern the facts while giving merit to both sides and increasing our social connections if possible.

Also on May 20th we have our second pass of Venus square Neptune.  We may be rethinking our social gathering structures once again.  We already saw this on May 3rd.  Here we are learning that maybe what was promised is unfulfilled and we can feel the weight of its disappointment.  This will make its final aspect in July.

Two days later on May 22nd, we have a New Moon in Gemini  It is ruled by Mercury in Gemini which gives it a playful talkative vibe.  However it will be approaching a square to Mars in Pisces.  It echoes the argument of what my personal desire is (Venus) engaging in an inner conflict with what to do that is right for the collective (Mars in Pisces).  With Mercury conjunct Venus in retrograde, we will say we are debating the facts, but in reality we are playing the blame game. Mercury and Venus are both functioning out of bounds which means they are not on their best behavior by any stretch of the imagination.  Social niceties get thrown out the window as people just want to be heard.

On May 24th, Mars in Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus.  You might find a pet project that you feel pretty driven to complete.  The need for freedom is going to be really high today.  If you need to take a break, do it and calm down.  Honestly you are going to feel this energy through Memorial Day, May 25th, when the moon joins in the action.  It’s our first cancer moon without the North Node co-present in over 18 months.  Notice how different it feels to be at home and nurturing the ones you love.

The last big astrological event of the month is when Mercury moves into Cancer on May 28th.  Here we speak from a place of sensitivity and we value the person over the message.  We want them to feel heard and nurtured.

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