This is where the magic happens, people.

Whether you are seeking a personal consultation where we go for an overview of your life experiences and synchronicities, or a topic driven deep dive, I can’t wait.  If you are seeking education about astrology in general, I also run workshops on the basics.

During our 1:1 session, I blend my analytical mindset, my intuition, and process-oriented nature to interpret your individual chart and show you the gifts you were naturally given the moment of your birth.  In our time together, I meet you where you are and what it is you want to get out of this experience.   You are the driver, plain and simple.   Together we will explore the topics you want to know more about whether it be in relationships, timing of choices, or finding your passion.   

By the time we are done, you will have clarity.  You will find that with the roadmap unlocked, the choices of which road to take won’t seem so nebulous.  The essence of who you are will be distilled and celebrated.

What’s included in this journey:

  • My undivided attention to your experience

That’s right.  You get my time and attention 100% laser beamed into your chart.  I do about 3-4 hours of research before we even meet on Zoom.  I make sure I highlight any areas you want me to give particular attention to.

  • A copy of your birth chart

This is a visual narrative of your story.  It shows where the planets were the minute you came into this world.

  • A recording of our time together

If you are like me, you like to marinate in the experience for a bit.  And then go back to quench your thirst for the details.  This allows for ample time to rewind and saturate up the knowledge.

  • A follow up email exchange

Let’s agree to touch base after.  I like to share any other insights or respond to questions we may have after our initial meeting.  Goodness knows, my clients are taken to heart and I usually have additional thoughts after our meeting.  I want to make sure you can glean all the jewels from this investment.

To schedule, click HERE and it will direct you to my online schedule where you can select a consultation type and a date and time that will be reserved just for you.  50% Sale Prices are in effect!!!  If you were waiting for that moment to see what this is all about, this is your sign from the universe inviting you to take that next step!

Nice to Meet You:  An Introduction to Yourself:  Initial 90 minute natal chart consultation.  Discover how the 9 planets bestow their gifts and challenges into your life.  We will discuss key signatures of your chart, personality traits, and any questions you might have.  $295. NOW $147

Children:  90 minutes of looking at your child’s chart.  We will look at their gifts, individual personality traits, challenges, and potential strength based parenting strategies you could employ to build a better relationship with them. Requires birth information for both child and parents.  Discount given if parent has already had a natal reading. $350  NOW $175

Happy Birthday to Me:  60 minute consultation or personalized document/calendar of what is coming specifically to you within the next 12 months.  $185 NOW $92

Topically Speaking:  A 30 minute quick conversation of one area of your chart.  Career?  Friends?  Love?  Money?  You pick the topic and I’ll do the work.  $100. NOW $50

The Soulful Integration Package:   This is the ultimate investment in self-awareness.  Initial 90 minute natal chart work, plus 5 hour long follow up sessions and continuing email support for any additional questions you might have.  I will also look at up to 5 other charts for other relationships and how they might affect you.     $1500. NOW $750

Group Gab:  Great for book groups, teen birthday parties, neighborhood groups, or inquiring like minded friends.  I will provide each participant a copy of their individualized birth chart and give the basics of how an astrology chart is interpreted.  You will discover how astrology goes so much farther than a sun sign column.  Learn how the ascendant, sun, and moon create your personality.  Email  Ali for direct coordination.  Limit of 10 participants. $800  NOW $400