June 2020 Forecast

There are three things that will color this month:  1). Eclipse season is back, 2) We will have 6 planets in retrograde asking us to rework things, and 3) For the first three weeks, the Sun will be squaring Mars.  Keep this in mind for the frustration is real as our attention shifts backwards and we wonder if we could have done things better.

One of the major energies we are contending with this month is the Sun in Gemini squaring Mars in Pisces.  They have been pushing each other since the third week in May and they will continue this dance until June 21st.  This energy is all about courage and conflict, but also about bravery of stepping into one’s power.  With the square between Gemini and Pisces, we see us negotiating the dream relationship and the integration of diversity.  Gemini brings forth all sides and perspectives while Mars in Pisces asks does the reality match the dream.  Both energies have a tipping point into pushing us to pick sides; can the individual blend into the collective?   Pay attention.  This is the opening square for Mars’s journey and we will see more in October when Mars and the Sun are in opposition.

On June 2nd we open the month with a lot of energy.  Mars in Pisces squares Venus in retrograde in Gemini.  Here we have the tension of settling and compromising for the sake of a relationship.  It’s hard though.  In true compromises, no one walks away happy.  It’s really hard to figure out what we are exactly willing to give away of ourselves and we’re asked to really put our values in motion.

Also on this day, Venus, our planet of personal values gets illuminated by the Sun.  Think back to the New moon in Gemini on May 22nd.  We see the purest point of what we want.  Ask yourself if your ego is really invested in the negotiation.  For some, you may decide not to take things so personally and for others, it will feel like you really want what you are fighting for.  You could see people favoring having a honest dialogue about social interactions over tact and diplomacy.  This is a pivot point for certain.

On the 4th, Mercury in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus.  Be open to new ways to nurture yourself.  It’s also a really good day to send warm messages to those who have had your back.  For many, school is winding down so really think about honoring those who supported you in these unprecedented times.

We herald in another eclipse season with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th.  Eclipses only happen when the new or full moon happen within 13 degrees of the lunar nodes.  This is really a baby eclipse as its barely in range.  Think of it as a warm up exercise to what’s coming down the pike.  This is the beginning of shifting from the axis of responsibility to the axis of knowledge for the next 18 months.  The eclipses in late June/early July will dip back to Cancer/Capricorn to end that spotlight and then we will move to Gemini/Sagittarius.

The eclipse on June 5th is ruled by Jupiter who is currently backing up into Pluto in Capricorn.  I’ve seen some individuals really begin to process their emotions about how hard these past few months have been and what opportunities are now out of reach.  The high hopes have been tarnished by our current reality.  The grief associated with the lost dreams is huge.  High schoolers were robbed of their proms and graduations; college students are realizing that dorm life will never be the same; and those in mid life who were up for promotion or starting their own businesses are back at square one.  This has affected everyone.  Emotions run high during full moons; know it is ok not to be ok.

On June 6th the Sun in Gemini is in an exact square to Mars in Pisces.  This is highlighting the energy I discussed at the beginning.  Mars is also square to the Moon, which adds a layer of emotional sensitivity.  Expect a flareup and reacting a bit harsher than intended.  Irritability could be a bit high today.  Often we unconsciously offer a challenge to someone and lo and behold, they answer that call and react back.  Don’t wear yourself out today thinking you can do more than you think you can.  This is the energy of reacting, not responding.  

Neptune in Pisces squares the Sun in Gemini on June 10th and 11th.  Here we are getting the sense that there is more to the story.  We may feel a bit confused though.  The feelings of being disconnected or the phrase, “it doesn’t apply to me,” no longer holds true.

While we gained the awareness on the 11th, there is a call to action on the 12th.  Neptune is now conjunct Mars in Pisces with the Moon.  Mars has the upper hand here and we are experiencing and urge to do something on behalf of others, but we don’t know what exactly what is the best move.  Here we are feeling the stress of pretending like everything is still ok.  Keeping up facades are hard.  It’s ok to let some of your cracks show.  The moon just makes us feel vulnerable.  

We typically have 3 mercury retrograde in a year and on June 17th Mercury stations retrograde for the second time. Because this retrograde cycle is in Cancer, the themes will be different.  It could involve house projects, your family, or even your emotions.  It is an ideal time to put in the work and look inward so we can capitalize on what we already know.  You might find yourself more private with your thoughts and keeping your cards close.  With this comes the opportunity to process emotionally everything that has happened in the past 6 months and how it has impacted our feelings of safety and security.  Mercury will turn direct July 12, 2020.

On the 18th, Mars in Pisces sextiles Pluto in retrograde in Capricorn.  The feeling like you need to prove yourself is stepping up to the plate.  Somehow we are able to find the mental fortitude to push to the end even if we are exhausted.  Really evaluate where you are:  do you need a break or just one last push forward.  Both options are ok.  If you put in the work, you can make tangible returns.  

On June 19th, Mars in Pisces sextiles Jupiter moving retrograde in Capricorn.  The Sun is also aligned with the North Node, asking us to find our higher purpose.  Here we are able to find sources to back up our beliefs.  People might be ready to show how their convictions are the truth and are ready to fight.  Be wary of the propaganda, and take a step back and find your inner truth.

Sun moves into Cancer on June 20th.  Cancer is the sign of the crab and the archetype of the mother.  These cardinal suns strive for security and emotional safety not just for themselves, but for those they have deep emotional bonds with.  Ruled by the moon, their emotions seem to change like the tide.  They are devoted and impressionable, which can sometimes let others have easy influence over them.  But beware, being emotional and child like could just be the way they are controlling you.  When the Sun makes its annual ingress into the sign of the crab, we become more aware of our homeland, our home front, and what goes on inside our four walls.  I always found it interesting that the 4th of July falls in Cancer season, when patriotism swells.  It is a time to nurture what makes a house a home.  It’s time to handle our domestic work.

We have a solar eclipse in Cancer in the wee hours of June 21st (1:41 AM).  Solar eclipses can only happen on new moons when the sun and moon are aligned.  During solar eclipses, parts of the world will see the sun darken for a few minutes as the moon crosses its path.  This particular eclipse will be visible in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  

Eclipses in astrology are like the bookmarks to longer chapters.  Solar eclipses typically begin new chapters, whereas lunar eclipses focus on endings.  Eclipses also work more on a societal level vs a personal one, unless you are in a lunar or solar profected year or the eclipse is happening in one of your angular houses.  Eclipses are also very different from your normal full or new moons that happen every month.  If you do any rituals like clean the house, charge your crystals, or whatnot, this is not the day to do it.  In fact, its best to lie low on eclipse days. 

Today the world is called to a new definition of home and how we define personal safety.  Eclipses in Cancer bring up themes of protection and nurturing.  Both the pandemic and the civil unrest have shaped us into taking personal responsibility for the safety of self and of others.  The seeds we sow now will be evident in 6 months.  

On the 22nd, Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces.  I would really pay attention to any kind of coincidence today.  Intuition is heightened today so listen to that inner voice.  If you happen to run into an old friend, leave room for the possibility that this was more divine timing than just chance.  

Venus finally stations direct in Gemini on June 25th.  She’s been traveling backwards since May 13th.  We’ve been wrestling with the question of, “Am I sure this is what I want?”and, “Am I living my personal values?”  Venus governs desire and she’s been working on clarity of her values in relationships the past 6 weeks.  We are learning how to embody our own code of integrity.  The social distancing rules and relaxation have been nebulous at best.  We’ve learned to follow our instincts instead of wait for external authority to draw the lines.  With the Moon moving into Virgo later this evening, we may feel the tension between feeling more free vs. staying the course.  I would watch the COVID numbers today and see how they are trending.  My guess is they will be trending up as we are a few weeks out from the active protests and initial stages of opening up.

On June 27th Mars moves into Aries.  Lordy, I hope you like this energy because Mars is going to hang here F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  (That’s fancy astrologer talk for “buckle up” or “mastery.”). I wrote a whole long post about this particular Mars in Aries and Retrograde on my blog.  Mars typically stays 6-8 weeks in a sign, but he is staying put until January 2021.  This extensive stay is punctuated by a retrograde in the fall.  So while Venus Retrograde asked what we wanted; Mars retrograde is asking us, “Is this the best way to get it?”  Keep this in mind while we chit chat about how Mars works in Aries.

Mars, our god of war, is at home in Aries.  He likes to be surrounded by his trophies telling him that he’s the best and burning torches highlighting his armor and fastest routes across the lands.  Oh yeah, he’s the king of his castle and is ready to play all the 1st person shooter games on his xbox possible while he drinks another red bull.   

Mars in Aries likes to invent and pioneer.  “It can’t be done!” Is a personal challenge to his innovation.  He has the courage to be decisive and would rather make a move forward, even if it’s in the wrong direction; at least he has momentum to change direction if needed.  He reacts and is all out for himself.  

During this time we are going to be called to do things differently.  We are going to be decisive and we are going to be looking out for ourselves.  This energy feels vastly different than Mars in Pisces who’s self-direction can get swallowed up by the needs of the whole.  For the next 4 months our self interests are going to feel instinctively challenged by what we saw from January 10 – March 30th. 

Our first hit is on June 28th when Mars in Aries squares Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.  Today we have an opportunity to restrategize how we are getting our work done.  Look for the solutions. 

On June 30th Jupiter will be making its second conjunction to Pluto.   Look for some larger news from either our wealthy private sector trying to remediate things or increased governmental involvement financially.   Often with the second pass we have a chance to correct and innovate solutions from the first pass.  Our first pass was April 4th. That day the CDC recommended that all Americans wear masks publicly, unemployment was at 4.4%, and NYC was asking for healthcare workers from out of state.  It was also the original target date for reopening.  Watch for echos from these events returning.  The last pass of this conjunction will be in November. 

It’s going to be an active June to say the least.  In the meantime I am healing from my double knee replacement surgery that happened in May.  It happened on short notice and I’m in the long haul with healing.  As I was the first to get canceled I was the first to be rescheduled.  I had very little time to prepare and had to postpone my class as well as adjust my client availability.  But I’m aiming to get my consultation schedule back up by mid month once my doctor gives me clearance.  For now all of my consults will be on zoom even my local clients to ensure everyone is safe.