April Forecast 2020

Did March really leave like a lamb?  It certainly left with a bang as both malefic planets changed signs.  We are just settling into the energy of Saturn and Mars in Aquarius.  The tension is real and the boundaries are unknown.  We are existing in the new reality as the month begins. 

The real activity begins on April 3rd when Venus moves into Gemini and Mercury meets up with Neptune.  The witty banter will be painting poetic clouds.  Today is a wonderful day to head to an art museum or spend the day creating to your hearts content.  You may feel yourself waxing nostalgic and reminiscing about loves in the past.  

On April 4th, Venus trines Saturn.  This is actually one of the better days of the year to be getting married.  With the planet of love sending its beams to the planet of commitment in air signs dedicated to relationships, you can see why I like this energy.  If you are getting married try to aim for the ceremony to take place after 4:20 PM CDT.  This also captures the Virgo Moon if possible. 

As a side note, did you know you can elect wedding dates with astrology?  All of the goodness of the sky the day you make that commitment sets the stage for wedded bliss. I wrote a small DIY guide helping you pick your wedding day over on my blog.  I also developed a new package called “Goin’ to the Chapel:  Wedding Elections” so I can do it for you as well. Let me do the leg work for you to give you the best foundation so you and your sweetie will be sitting in your rocking chairs on the front porch holding hands.  I’ll look at the relationship charts and the days you have in mind outlining the opportunities and challenges each day holds.  

Ok, now, back to the forecast!

Also on April 4th, we have the first conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto.  There will be 2 more of these in 2020, so this is worth paying attention to.  Jupiter is the planet of wealth and abundance and it is calling upon the concentration from Pluto.  Here it is showing us where our power can be inherited from our past.   For some, Jupiter can show our bounty, but in Capricorn it can also show our depravity.  Here the reigns of power are handed back to us and we are given the opportunity to rewrite the script or continue the storyline.  This is especially true in our family scripts. Maybe you were always set to play the parentified child or the lost boy.  You get chance to key in to what role you were assigned today and maybe try something new.  Watch what themes come up today – it will repeat on June 30th and November 12th.  

On April 7th look to the skies for the Full Moon in Libra.  This brings up a great day to go out and be social with Venus in Gemini or a fun and lively date night.  Make sure you build in a lot of various activities like a progressive dinner party or a date with combining a few activities.  I would be a bit careful though:  Mars is squaring Uranus which makes us a bit accident prone.  This is the only time this aspect will happen in 2020.  For some of you there might have the sudden inspiration to end a relationship.  Today your words will have power and although it is the kind thing to do, separation is always difficult.  Full moons bring about completion of cycles.

On April 10th, Mercury moves into Aries.  Your choices can feel a bit all or nothing with this energy and decisions can move fast and decisively.  All of that wishy washy thinking in Pisces will be hung out to dry by the Ram.  Conversations will be fast, business will be handled, and opinions will be set.

Mercury sextiles Saturn on April 11th which brings about a longevity to contracts being signed.  This is the day close on a house or finalize the details in a business agreement.  This energy brings about staying power.  I also like this day to get married especially since the Moon will trine the Sun.  

Easter Sunday is on April 12th.  The morning will be lively with the Moon trining the Sun in fire signs.  The kids will be ready to get on their sugar highs from the Easter Bunny for certain.  It looks to be a pleasant day.

You might run into some pressure on April 14th.  Today you may be feeling the pressure to deliver on promises of potential.  Look to what you have built in the past for self-confidence. Try to be forgiving of yourself and focus on the process not the outcome.  Sun square Pluto and the Moon can indicate self-doubt.

On April 15th, otherwise known as tax day in the US, the Sun is squaring Jupiter.  I’d try to file your taxes before today.  With this energy, it tells me that you will probably owe more than get back if you wait.

Mercury will be the catalyst of the day on April 18th.  It takes center stage between a sextile to Venus and a sextile to Mars.  You might really get in touch with your feelings and decide you need to have a conversation with your partner.  The feelings could be a bit tender with the Moon meeting Neptune, but I would anticipate an outcome that is supportive of what you want to have happen.  It is a great day to make connections with business.

Taurus season officially begins on April 19th.  These individuals are known for their loyalty.  Sure, they may be the first nay-sayers of change, but once they examine what could be gained they will be committed to the course of action.  Taurus people need to be recognized for what they contribute and how reliable they are.  They take pride in their ability to maintain their resources and often accumulate wealth.  Those with big Taurus energy are truly the gardeners of their own souls.  During this time, we are encouraged to capitalize on our resources and continue enjoying what provides us security and comfort.  

On April 21st you might be asked to set your own needs aside for others.  It’s not the most comfortable energy with Sun square Saturn, but realize that sometimes sacrifices happen.  It could be as simple as getting called in on your day off or handling more responsibility for the team.  

The New Moon in Taurus happens on April 22nd.  This moon is a bit challenging.  A lot of interrupted plans.  Lean into self indulgence today and going with the flow with activities that take in the 5 senses:  bake a cake, get a massage, or download new music.  Today is ruled by Venus which is in a lovely trine to Mars. Explore any new sparks in relationships.

Mercury squares Pluto and Jupiter on April 25th.  Pluto’s energy will be very intense today as it also turns retrograde.  Remember back to April 4th.  Chances are you are going to want to talk about what came up that weekend. I’d also be aware of any potential scams today.  Just because someone is convincing, doesn’t mean they are true.  Use practical optimism when hearing people’s promises.

On the 26th we have our conjunction between the Sun and Uranus.  I’m already apologizing to the parents of the world for this one, because kids have a tendency to be hopped up on goofballs today.  Expect mischief coming out of nowhere especially with the Moon in Gemini.  One minute their angels and the next you are wondering if Hades himself is claiming paternity.  Lean into the unexpected today and don’t make a lot of plans.

On Monday the 27th, Mercury heads into Taurus.   Our thinking slows down a bit as we really weigh the pros and cons before agreeing.  Cue Mr. Rogers, “I like to take my time,” song here.  If you are pitching a new business or campaign today, make sure to listen to every side and not get too dogmatic that your way is the only way.  

Frustration can be felt on the 28th as Mercury squares Saturn.  You might feel like the boss does not like any of your ideas today.  Do not sign any agreements. Let the ideas simmer for a couple of days.

By the 30th you might get an unexpected, “Yes,”  from higher ups as Mercury will conjunct Uranus.  The ideas will literally come out of nowhere with a glimmer of genius shining through.  

Enjoy April’s inspiration.