September 2021 Forecast


Monthly Themes

Discerning Diplomacy
Mars and Venus move into their detriments week of September 10 – 14, which will bring about an abrupt shift.  No longer do things feel natural and easy.  Instead creative solutions with limited resources become standard.  On the 10th, Venus moves into the fixed sign mess of 2021.  While the Uranus/Saturn square kept shifting what is “normal,” Venus is personalizing things.  She is trying to make meaning of things by giving it value, connecting relationships, and making individual connections.  She is making the struggle relatable.  In Scorpio, Venus needs to be subtle as she seeks to understand the why.  By the 14th, Mars moves into Libra. He has to become innovative to get his needs met.  Mars can’t just rush through things in this sign; instead he needs to get buy-in and support.  The way we approach relationships this month has got to shift.  If you want something done, seek to understand others’ position first before you launch forward.  Subtlety, understanding, and diplomacy will be keywords for the month.  Being receptive is a strategy everyone needs to adopt.

Relationship Rewind
Just when you thought September only meant more horror movies on Netflix.  I bring you, Mercury Retrograde in Libra:  Return of the Ex!  (Just kidding…kind of/maybe?)  This month, the third and final mercury retrograde takes place.   This is a unique year as all three retrogrades have occurred in air signs.  The last time this happened was 2015.  This cycle calls us to rethink how you decide in a fair and just manner.  Relationships get called into question as past lessons get put under the microscope.  Are you putting too much emphasis on others or not enough?  How do you reset the balance of the “I” and the “We”?  I would expect decisions to take longer than normal during this time, as Libra likes to make sure everyone is being heard.
Missing the Mojo

Earth, Wind, and Fire have nothing on this month.  Literally, peeps:  September has zero fire aspects.  Without the spark of inspiration, this month could take on a sense of going through the motions, getting stuck in a rut, or little push to act.   With so much air and earth, the ideas are there, but it is hard to find the motivation to do anything with it.  Brainstorm potential ideas, but don’t select a start date until Mars glides into Scorpio in late October and we’re clear of the Mercury retrograde.  This is the month to hone your mental skills and make your goals them as tangible as possible before launching into action.

Monthly Dates of Note

September 2:  Mars opposes Neptune Retrograde.  Neptune acts as a mirror for you today.  Tune into what is triggering your negative emotions.  Often what bothers us are the traits we possess that we strongly dislike.  Angry about entitled people?  Where are you entitled or feeling superior to others?  Irritated by others not taking things seriously?  Where are you using humor as an inappropriate coping mechanism?  Look at this as an opportunity to get in touch with your shadow side and where your efforts get confused.


September 4:  Mercury trine Saturn retrograde.  The ideas and deals that are made today will have staying power.  It’s a great day to sign contracts.  Tap into your ambition and move it forward.


September 5:  Venus square Uranus retrograde. Today, the urge to be right may override the need to be in harmony.  When someone is the know-it-all, it can get under your skin.  Try to watch the sticking points today and give grace to others.


September 6:  New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus retrograde + Venus trine Jupiter retrograde + Mars trine Pluto retrograde.  I adore this moon.  This is a day to forgive old emotional wounds and move forward.  With Uranus in the mix, there will be some happy ah-has in relationships.  Take that new found insight and begin fresh.  The universe is here to support your growth forward with the two benefics also in aspect.  


September 10:  Venus moves into Scorpio.  The planet of relationships is moving into her mysterious and alluring phase.  She becomes the seducer who is irresistible.  In Scorpio, she moves from being receptive into being more aggressive in getting her needs met through relationships.  She bonds through deep emotional connections and will not settle for any superficiality.  Over the next few weeks, embrace the subtlety and double entendres, but watch how your messages get interpreted.  Sometimes meanings get misinterpreted.  


September 14:  Sun opposes Neptune retrograde + Mars ingresses into Libra.  This is a tricky day.  Don’t expect a lot to go right today.  Neptune likes to confuse and get distracted, and Mars is moving into a sign where he has a hard time committing.  Today spells success if you are working to please others and help them solve their problems.  Shift your focus from getting your needs met to letting your ego relax and keep others at the forefront.


September 16:  Sun trine Pluto retrograde.  Leadership and willpower are the themes of the day.  With the Moon and Mars adding their gusto to the mix, be brave and bold in your actions today.  


September 17:  Venus square Saturn. What relationship lessons keep coming back to haunt you today?  Are you repeating the same disagreement with leadership?  Does it feel like you are misunderstood?  Timing is everything.  If you are being playful at the wrong moment, things could become challenging.  


September 20:  Full Moon in Pisces + Mercury trine Jupiter retrograde.Jupiter rules today’s moon.  It is time to express all the feels.  Acknowledging how you hear others opinions and accepting them can be two different things.  Sometimes it is enough to be a receiver of the message without buying into their reality.  Know the difference between listening and endorsing.  

September 22:  Libra season begins + Mercury square Pluto retrograde.The Sun in Libra means we are giving more energy to our unions, diplomacy, and value over the next month.  That being said, watch how your words can create power dynamics that make everyone uncomfortable.  Be sure you are taking everyone’s input into consideration before deciding.  

Sun in Libra individuals can value harmony so much, their own preferences get dampened.  While they definitely know what they like, they can come across as indecisive when asked even a simple question about dinner options.  Everyone relies on this energy when justice is concerned.  Those who work in the legal field are required to ignore their own value decisions while they represent others and weigh what is right for all of society.  They can bring a crystalline fair decision that still has personal merit to those it affects.  During this season, it is a perfect time to take the time to appreciate others’ points of view, celebrate your spouse, and find balance in a very polarized world.


September 23:  Venus opposes Uranus retrograde.  Today’s aspect is a continuation of September 5th’s story.  What was rubbing you the wrong way around Labor Day is now coming to a decision point.  Where do you need to take a stand?  Stand up for your values with confidence.


September 25:  Mars trine Saturn retrograde. If you are looking to get old projects completed, this is the day to power through them.  Appeal to the higher ups by showing them your worth by making some serious headway.


September 27:  Mercury stations retrograde in Libra.  This Mercury retrograde could have a larger impact in society than on a personal one.  With Jupiter and Pluto in the mix, this aspect is asking us to know the long-lasting impact our decisions influence. Not making a choice is still communicating your priorities.  Over the next three weeks it is time to reconsider how you weigh your personal values with policies that govern the masses.  On a practical level expect decisions to take longer and past relationships to pop up. Mercury will be back to full power by November 3rd.


September 29:  Venus trine Neptune retrograde + Sun trines Saturn. Today favors connecting with older family members and reminiscing about the past.  All the wonderful memories will flood back with soft fondness.  


September 30:  Venus square Jupiter retrograde.  Be careful of going too big on your extravagant gestures.  The simple rose can be more romantic than a house filled with rose petals.  When hopes and expectations get too big, there can be a feeling of disappointment when reality can’t match them. 


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