June 2021 Forecast

Monthly Themes

Mutable May
Optimistic, but Scattered: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini
One interesting thing about all three Mercury retrogrades of 2021 is that they are happening in Air signs.  Air deals with ideals, ideas, and information.  We experienced the boundary pushing of Aquarius in February.  June will deal with the distracted and flighty behavior of Gemini.  And later in the year Mercury will search for an internal balance in Libra. A Mercury retrograde in Gemini this month will have everyone wanting to keep all their options open. This could mean overcommitment to social engagements, not getting firm commitments to invitations, or getting overwhelmed about what to prioritize. Give grace to those missing appointments or showing up late.  My guess is they overbooked themselves and were overoptimistic about what they could fit in.  Everyone is finding their sea-legs in this new open social environment.  “Vaccinated and Caffeinated,” could become a tee-shirt slogan for the month.  

Tradition, Sedition, + Ambition: Uranus Square Saturn, Act II
This is a key signature of 2021.  When big transits hit in series of three, astrologers frames as a play of three acts.  The first act shows the conflict, the second act shows the attempted solution and complications, and the third act shows the resolution.  In June we get act two, so we might see a continuation of February’s themes.  During the first square, Texas had a record winter storm that caused much of the power grid to fail, the Supreme Court set the stage for releasing Trump’s tax returns, and the stock market became a guessing game. Uranus in Taurus brings themes of reevaluating currency, values, and resources. Saturn in Aquarius is like group-think on steroids as he challenges the limits. He constructs logical arguments that leaves you either questioning or affirming your stance. It is a showdown between breaking traditional ideals and redefining what holds value. These planets are both playing in fixed signs that hold their ground and know their worth. The news headlines are already reflecting this with the GOP blocking the congressional inquiry into January 6th’s insurrection and the reformation of voting laws now shifting to Texas. Lean into the Mercury retrograde in Gemini and quietly do a gut check of what source of information rings true.
The New Rebellion – The Force is with Mars
I’m hoping all those Star Wars fans caught my reference because resistance is futile.  (I crack myself up.) Once Mars enters Leo around the 11th, the tension builds with that Saturn/Uranus showdown. Back in February Mars paired up with Uranus in Taurus. He had little authority with his argument back then so the most he could do was object. However, now that he’s moving into Leo, a fire sign, he’s ready to make things a bit more dramatic.  Let’s add to the fact that we won’t have Jupiter co-present with Saturn to soften the discussion.  Instead, he’s busy reestablishing emotional connections and hoping for the best in Pisces.  That leaves Saturn to stand firm on his viewpoints without giving others the benefit of the doubt.  Can you see why June could be a little more troublesome?  Two malefic planets are facing off and there aren’t any referees in sight.  The argument will shape up to be, “Sure that seems ideal, but what’s in it for me?” In fact, you just have Uranus ready to throw popcorn at the screen.   Keep your eye on the headlines, but turn off the information source if you start taking things personally.  That will be your warning sign that you need a break.  Make sure you are getting enough alone time and exercise to blow off some steam in June. 

Monthly Dates of Note

April 2:  Mercury sextiles Pluto. If you need to make a point, this is the day to talk.  While this aspect isn’t the best for listening, it is a day to persuade others.  Appeal to idealism and sell them on the steps you are going to take to make it happen.

April 3:  Mercury ingresses into Aries.  It’s a shift of thinking from the emotional fluidity of Pisces to the brazen fire of Aries.  Commerce is going to go quick, expect to make decisions on the spot, and negotiations to be bold.  Over the next two weeks leave your emotions at the door while you make deals and realize, “it’s just business.”

April 4:  Easter Sunday brings a Moon in Capricorn to the table.  It’s a good day to reconnect with grandparents and uphold any longstanding family traditions. 

April 6:  Venus sextiles Mars.  Make a good impression by showing how versatile you can be.  By adapting your approach, others take notice.  Be flexible.

April 9:  Mars squares Neptune.  If you can take the day off today, do it.  Chances are, no matter how much effort you put in today, the results will be a mess.  While you can learn a lot from the process and mistakes, don’t expect concrete results.

April 10:  Mercury sextiles Saturn + Venus sextiles Jupiter.  Today is THE DAY to ask for a raise.  Those with the power might be looser with the purse strings.  Remember when negotiating there are a lot of other perks besides salary on the table like paid time off, professional development, and conferences.  

April 11:  Venus squares Pluto + New Moon in Aries.  This is a day of emotional intensity.  Be wary of power grabs that stomps on your independence and self-expression.  While it may tempt you to rush to a decision, try to take a step back and remember there are multiple ways to approach a problem.  Mars in Gemini rules this moon, and the one thing it is good at is always finding a novel solution.

April 13:  Sun sextiles Mars.  Resolution is the theme of the day.  You might feel a burst of energy to make some serious headway and multitask. Make the connections with others that benefit you.  This is a day to look out for numero uno.

April 14:  Venus moves into Taurus.  Venus is ready for her earthly delights.  While she’s been playing it cool and independent for the past few weeks, she is ready to reconnect with her loved ones.  Taurus is one of her home signs.  She can relish the spring flowers, open the windows to let fresh air in, and sip a glass of her favorite vintage.  Until May 8th, ground yourself and take things slower appreciating what it’s like to live in the moment.

April 15:  Sun sextile Jupiter.  While two days ago you may have been a bit selfish, today favors those who are generous.  It is a great day to offer your mentoring skills, give back to the community, or make a donation to help others.

April 16:  Sun squares Pluto.  You could reach an impasse with those in power today.  Expect to feel challenged in your personal authority.  Limitations can either be hard or an invitation to change.

April 17:  Mars trine Jupiter + Mercury sextile Jupiter + Mercury sextile Mars.  The mental clarity today is crystal clear.  You know the path forward, plus you have the energy and resources to make it happen.  This is one of the best days of the year to accomplish your goals.  5 Stars All Around!!!  

April 18:  Mercury cazimi the Sun.  Today you literally have the ear of the king while the Sun is in the last degrees of his exaltation sign of Aries.  It is a day to seal the deal of whatever you put into motion yesterday.  If you are taking bold action, sign the paperwork before you lose your nerve.  Whatever agreement you form will stick around for the long haul.  Tomorrow Mercury and the Sun move into Taurus which will shift the energy.

April 19:  Sun and Mercury ingress into Taurus.  It’s time to build your security and make headway with your resources over the next month.  Find comfort in your routine and joy of the familiar.  Taurus loves loyalty and dislikes sudden change.  It’s not that she won’t get on board, it’s just that she needs to see the if changes are workableMa.  Are the resources available?  Is there enough support?  If not, she can wait it out.  Patience is her middle name.  For the next month, weigh the practicalities of the decisions on the table, but know delays have consequences.  Take inventory of how you live your values, goals, and integrity.

April 22:  Venus conjuncts Uranus.  Remember how I just said Taurus likes stability?  Well, over the next few days inspiration may strike that shakes up the foundation.  It’s a good day to freshen up your beauty routine or your style.  Uranus has a way of interjecting to help align authenticity into our relationships. 

April 24:  Mercury conjuncts Uranus + Venus squares Saturn. Practice your listening skills and expect your patience to be challenged.  This is a day when differences in values become starkly apparent.  You could become entrenched in your perspective and say something off the cuff.  

April 23:  Mars moves into Cancer.  The moodiness sets in as the energy shift from multitasking to indirectly working on goals.  Mars in Cancer is more worried about the emotional impact of his decisions and can get a bit defensive.  Over the next few weeks, pick your battles realizing the emotional work might be heavy.   Use this energy in productive ways by working on your home, putting your energy into nurturing your family, and digging into the past.  

April 25:  Mercury squares Saturn. Negotiations with authorities come to a standstill.  Expect delays that are out of your control today.  Instead of focusing on the differences, put that Libra moon to use and solidify your position by finding what you have in common.  Chances are both parties want the same thing, but are coming at it from different points of view.

April 26:  Full Moon in Scorpio. This is an emotional day.  Mars in Cancer rules this moon and we are more susceptible to feelings of guilt, accusations, and feeling insulted.  Full moons often bring things to light that we’ve been pushing down and ignoring, but the burdens can often erupt and affect those with whom we are the closest. Be mindful of your emotional triggers and try not to own the baggage that isn’t yours.

April 27:  Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn. While the outer planets spend about half of the year in retrograde,
the day they station feels a bit more intense.  Watch any anger issues that arise.  You might feel some tension between maintaining old systems and renovating goals into something new.  

April 29:  Mercury sextiles Neptune.  Listen to your intuition today.  Listen to what isn’t being said vs. the actual message.  It’s a day to read between the lines.

April 30:  Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus.  This month ends on a bang as it favors those who are a bit rebellious.  Take the road less traveled, try a new cuisine, say yes to something out of the ordinary.  Keep an open mind today and enjoy the surprises that delight the senses