July Forecast 2020

Like a loaded firework, July is ready to kick off the second half of 2020.  This month proves to be a bit challenging with Mercury retrograde, getting used to Mars’s fire, and Venus cleaning up her mess of being asleep on the job since mid-May.  We also are still coming off of Pluto/Jupiter’s second summit of 2020 on June 30th.  July could bring new boundaries for self-preservation, some heated conversations, surprising news, and creative problem solving for resources.  Read on, my friend!

Themes of July:  

Charged Communication

Mercury will be in a square to Mars all month long.  You will feel it’s intensity come and go for three weeks of July.  You could feel like the urge to speak up is stronger, or the words will be sharper, but it will drive you towards authenticity as you define your personal needs.  This aspect will go exact twice this month.

Hindsight about Self

The Sun is going to be in opposition to the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto mix in Capricorn we had in January.  Here we are able to look objectively at our journey since COVID began.  The light is shining and illuminating your choices.  Would you make the same decisions you made back then?  Are your choices keeping you and your loved ones safe?  Perspective is key as you figure out how you evolved since then.  This energy will be really active July 12th  – July 21st.

Venus’s Rules of Engagement

July is ripe to evaluate and smooth over Venus’s retrograde from May 13th until June 25th.  During those 6 weeks in the spring everyone was hungry for social contact as bars, restaurants, and calendars opened up.  Venus now retracing her steps back to the degree she was in May.  In July the aftermath of her journey will be better understood.  Watch the social data and the see full effects unfold through July 29th.  My guess is new rules of engagement to reign in our wishful hope of freedom will begin to evolve this month.  We are eyeing Virgo season as the school supplies start to go on sale; practicality replaces the carefree vibe.

Dates to Note:

We open July with a dose of reality.  Saturn returns to Capricorn on July 1st.  Work will naturally slow.  In normal times I would point to the holiday weekend, but these are not normal times.  Instead keep your eye on companies that furloughed their workforce in the spring.  Several will move into official lay offs today.  Some of you may feel quite surprised by this, whereas others will be relieved.  Uranus is in a sextile to the Sun.  It could be the push you need to move out of limbo.  Uranus brings about change you didn’t see coming, but if you work the gift of the sextile it can be a blessing in disguise.  

We have our last lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th.  Full moons always bring endings and eclipses just make those more potent.  Eclipses always comes in pairs. This one is the close to the eclipse we had on Christmas night 2019.  What or whom got eclipsed out of your life?  This lunation is showing you exactly what worked and what didn’t.  It is also significant for the USA as it hits precisely where it’s Sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer.  This will show a struggle of resources.  

Mars in Aries irritates Mercury in retrograde on the 8th. This is one of those days where this square is exact.  You might get bad news or have your words be a bit sharper than intended.  This is not a day to come to a business decision.

On July 12th, Mercury goes direct in Cancer.  Home projects may get more on track today.  The Sun is also trining Neptune in Pisces making you see solutions you didn’t have earlier.  It’s time to tap in to the creativity.

On July 14th and 15th the Sun in Cancer will be in opposition to Jupiter and then Pluto retrograding through Capricorn.  You may be faced with a choice on finances.  Examine your options on where to invest your resources that will maximize your security on the home front.  Choices could feel really big in the moment.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 20th is our first lunation that isn’t an eclipse.  This new moon is opposing Saturn.  You are ready for a fresh start in your family life.  While home felt like a refuge and a prison during quarantine, now is a great time to renegotiate your home life back into a place of nurturing and retreat.

Leo season officially begins on July 22nd as the Sun embraces its glow.  Leos naturally draw attention to themselves and celebrate the uniqueness in everyone.  They are the cheerleaders of the group and value loyalty.  It feels amazing to bask in their light.  Be aware of their pride though.  Once you cross them, the shade feels like the arctic as they shut you out of their lives.  During Leo season it is time to enjoy the inner radiance that makes you shine.  Most astrologers think that this first part of Leo really is the best of the year.  Make sure you pause and do something self-indulgent to really celebrate YOU.  Damn, 2020 has been a challenge, but you, my friend, rose to the occasion and are charging forth!

Also on the 22nd, we have Mercury in Cancer sextiling Uranus in Taurus.  It’s a great day to brainstorm, but keep those pens handy to jot down your fleeting brilliance.  You may get some more surprising news with similar themes from the 1st or 2nd of the month.  

On the 27th brings a busy day for the skies. The themes that came up on the 8th may echo back today with feeling like some conversations feel pressured and urgent.  Remember that Mercury square to Mars?  Yup, it’s back!!!  You could also feel some frustration about decision making and it will take some creativity to get others to agree to your solution.  Get others to buy in to your idea by focusing on how things will benefit everyone, not just you. 

On the 30th Mercury opposes Jupiter and trines Neptune.  You may be renegotiating promises and expectations.  Bring the facts back to the forefront.

Until next time!



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