October 2020 Forecast

This month is probably my least favorite of 2020.  I’ll own it.  The pressure tank feels like it’s about to blow and everything feels looming.  

October Themes:

Cardinal Clump Reactivated

October brings a lot more energy back into the cardinal signs.  Early Spring’s intensity eased around May, but the boxing match bell has rung once again.  We are reeling from the Sept 29th malefic square and October is about feeling the aftermath. Scorpio is the sign that brings about deep feelings, trust issues, and investigative work.   We get a taste of Scorpio season for a few days before Venus and Mercury come back to square dance with the COVID mess in Capricorn at the end of the month.  What makes things different from Spring is that 3 of the planets are in their home signs giving them authority to do what they want.  In the spring, Mars was in exaltation, which gave him the power of strategy.  But now he’s at home in Aries, he isn’t thinking about long-term consequences to his actions.  While it will still be intense, Venus in Libra will add a quality of justice to the situation by the end of the month.


The week of October 13 – 18 you may feel a bit trapped.  Why?  Because the sun’s only talking partners are Mars and Saturn.  It’s like being between a rock and a hard place.  You may not feel like there is enough time to yourself.  The Sun in Libra feels challenged on a normal day because she’s trying to make everyone happy.  But add in the two malefic planets and she has two demanding bosses on either side:  one who is yelling at her and the other who is telling her she hasn’t earned her success.  Everyone is feeling this.  A way to move through this is to look to your values.  If you are living your values daily, the noise from everywhere else becomes softer.

Trick or Trick?  

Halloween will be picture perfect with a full moon.  Full moons on Halloween only happen every 19 years!  This one will pack a punch for those who have personal planets in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius.  Not only are we having a lunation that brings about closure, but our planet of surprise Uranus is ready to jump out and scare us.  This will not be a normal Halloween this year as COVID cases begin to climb and municipalities are canceling all festivities.  You may innovate your traditions.  For us, we are going to hide our kids’ favorite candy around the house and having a flashlight hunt for them in the dark.  Embrace the change.

Dates to Note:

September 29:  Mars squares Saturn + Saturn stations direct.  Although I wrote about this last month, this is a major aspect this autumn.  Here both malefic planets are coming into the most difficult aspect.  You may feel more frustrated and scared than normal.  The push for action is imminent, but the choices don’t feel inspiring.  Instead, we are acting out of caution.  Things feel heightened now.  The best thing you can do is fortify your boundaries and focus on what you can do right now.  Tonight’s first presidential debate will highlight shortcomings and fear.

October 1:  Full Moon in Aries.  Mars rules this lunation.  Full moons have a way of bringing things to light that we didn’t see before.  Mars is squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn.  Here we are feeling irritated by the one-sidedness that has dominated 2020.  This full moon will bring about themes you experienced on March 24th.  That was the date the initial COVID quarantine went into effect here in Wisconsin.    

October 2:  Venus ingresses into Virgo today.  The planet of connection and engagement takes on qualities of the sign.  Here she is flirting through acts of service.  During her tour over the next couple of weeks, try taking checking a few items off your honey-do list.  I promise, washing the car never looked so good!

October 3:  Moon in Taurus trining Venus in Virgo 10:13 AM CDT until about 2:15 will be really nice.  Really indulge the five senses by getting a warm apple cider, notice the colorful autumn leaves, and snuggling by a bonfire.  These little orchestrated moments take on deeper meaning as they sink into memories.

October 4:  Pluto turns direct in Capricorn this morning.   Today you feel a push for change.  Pluto is finally moving forward and will apply pressure on Mars.  Today presents opportunities for deliberate actions and owning your power.  Shift your focus to create fruitful and healing change vs. reacting under pressure.  

October 7:  Mercury opposes Uranus.  This is the first of the oppositions between the planet of the mind and the planet of freedom.  When oppositions happen between fixed signs, it gives you a choice on how to operate.  Taurus’s phrase is,  “I have,” and Scorpio’s phrase is, “I understand.”  Will we choose the path of what you know or will you try something that is unknown?  Expect another unfolding before you make your final decision.  But today may be the first dawning that you even have a choice.  Make sure your plans have wiggle room and aren’t very tight today.  The Vice Presidential debate is tonight.  Watch for who will be tapping the emotions and gut reactions in the viewers.

October 9:  Mars retrograde squares Pluto.  This is the second time experiencing this aspect in 2020.   Questions of power and legitimate authority are coming into play today.  This is a day to pick your battles.

October 10:  Venus in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus.  Today everyone may have some unexpected social surprises.  Don’t be surprised to hear from someone from your past.  

October 11:  Sun in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn. When this aspect shows up, the value of being fair plays out.  What is fair to everyone vs. what feels fair to me?  Justice issues get a spotlight today.  

October 12:  Jupiter sextile Neptune + Venus sextiles Mercury. Self-doubt is in the air today.  Today you may look for support for your side, but the concrete endorsements aren’t coming.  Feel things out today because tomorrow will be interesting.

October 13:  Sun opposes Mars + Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio. Any forward momentum is likely to come to a halt today.  Today the final Mercury retrograde of 2020 begins and it will last through Election Day in the USA.  Watch for secrets becoming currency and favors being called in.  This the start of that hard week I mentioned at first.

October 15:  Sun squares Pluto.  Watch the self-critical language today and stop comparing yourself with other’s success.  Where you are is exactly where you need to be.  Success is not an event, it’s a process.  Tonight is the second Presidential debate.  Limitations of power and social responsibility will be themes that get highlighted.

October 16:  New Moon in Libra.  Venus rules this lunation. Today you want to get things right, but it’s hard to figure out what that is.  On a normal Libra New Moon I would say this is a great date night, but 2020 is anything but normal.  This may be a good time to retreat and safeguard what you have.  Take stock of what you have control over.  This theme will run for the next couple of days.

October 18:  Sun square Saturn + Venus oppose Neptune.  While Venus in Virgo wants what is ideal, Neptune wants to confuse where reality even starts.  It’s hard to figure out what tangible progress you are making if you can’t assess the current situation clearly.  Authority figures aren’t in a place to help you.

October 19:  Mars squares Jupiter + Venus trines Jupiter + Mercury opposes Uranus.  Today’s theme really reflects putting your energy into projects that create value for you.  Quiet yourself and listen to that inner voice. This is the second time Mercury opposes Uranus, so expect to rework some of those processes and listen to any inspiration that floats to the surface.  

October 21:  Venus trine Pluto.  Values and friendships that support your own position get fortified today.  It is a good day to meet up with a close friend; that connection will be strengthened.

October 22:  Scorpio Season begins as the Sun makes its annual ingress into the sign of security, depth, healing, and power.  People born under this sun sign can be the best detectives or the most stubborn individuals.  As the fixed water sign, they know they are right when you get to the bottom line because they feel it deeply.  These individuals are patient and know when to strike. Scorpios can hit the heart of the matter with precision. Researchers by nature, their powerful intellects dig tunnels as they uncover hidden truths.  They are the natural psychologists of the zodiac as they do not shy away from talking about what everyone else would like to keep silent about. For the next month, capitalize on the season by turning inward for strength and resilience.  Of note, tonight is the last Presidential debate.  Watch for them capitalizing on revealed secrets on both sides.  

October 24:  Venus trines Saturn.  Today you may feel tempted to push your emotions aside because it is the easy thing to do.  Sometimes disconnecting from feelings is the best choice when trying to push through daily tasks.  However, by isolating your feelings, loneliness can follow. If you feel alone, try reaching out to that one bestie who can soothe your heart. 

October  25:  Mercury cazimi the Sun in Scorpio.  Today marks the halfway point in the Mercury retrograde cycle. You could have valuable feedback to your boss today.  Trust that they will take it to heart.

October 27:  Mercury moves back into Libra and Venus ingresses into Libra.  It’s unusual to have two inner planets move into the same sign on the same day.  Today the focus shifts back to see others playing nicely in the sandbox. With three planets in their home signs, Venus, Mars, and Saturn really dominate. With so much energy in cardinal signs, today may mark a day where initiated change will last for years. Keep your eye on the Supreme Court nomination process.

October 31:  Full Moon in Taurus + Sun opposes Uranus.  Keeping with the theme of 2020, Halloween gives us more of a trick than a treat this year.  Our second full moon of the month could bring about sudden endings that highlight your personal values.  You could even surprise yourself when announcing your intention.  Mercury is approaching a square with Saturn meaning that your words will be set in stone. Fixed moon lunations have a tendency to yield shut doors with automatic locks.