February 2021 Forecast

Monthly Themes:

Aquarius Stellium

Are you ready for some historic times?  For the first time since 1962, there is going to be a line up of planets in Aquarius.  A stellium is when 3 or more planets are in the same sign giving that sign a lot of power about how things are going to get done.  This month we will have at least 5 (sometimes 6 with the Moon) planets in Aquarius.  Donna Cunningham wrote an amazing piece on stelliums which you can read here.  (She was a modern astrologer, but was brilliant with her psychological astrology aha’s.) There will be a ton of energy gathering in the sign that represents the collective.  It is about “We The People” figuring out uncharted territory.  Aquarius is the sign that likes to debate.  He can play Devil’s Advocate without getting emotionally attached and raises the questions that everyone else is thinking, but are too afraid to say out-loud.  Aquarius enjoys being part of the group while setting himself apart from the crowd.  Alliances can get reshuffled especially as Mercury is in retrograde.  It’s time to get acquainted with that part of your chart Aquarius occupies.  If you don’t have your birth chart, head to www.astro.com with your birth data (date, time, place) or you can always email me with your birth data and I’d be happy to tell you which area of your life will be targeted.  Life can be a lot easier once you know which topics of your life are going to get a jolt of energy.

You Can’t Make Me

Mars is going to be the odd one out most of the month.  He is raising his middle finger to the rest of the group most of the month.  He’s the naysayer of the group as he stubbornly digs his heels in like a turbulent toddler screaming, “NO!”  Honestly, the rest of the planets are trying to reach consensus and spouting a bunch of different solutions, but he is not buying in.  Instead, Uranus is egging him on to be the disrupter as they hang out in Taurus.  What Aquarius and Taurus have in common is that they are both fixed signs.  They actually like stability but they also both like being right.  Once they figure out what is similar it will be smooth sailing, but don’t count on that this month.  Let mars have his tantrum this month.  By the third week of February shift into Pisces giving that tension a break.  He will start to calm down around February 27th just in time for the full moon when things are exposed for what they are.

Communication Breakdown + Structural Changes

Mercury is in retrograde for the first half of the month and he has a lot of activity the 8th through the 15th.  Here in the US we have a historic second impeachment trial looming.  Honestly, anything is possible with the first of three big squares happening between Uranus and Saturn on February 17th.  This is not the time to be making deals or speaking out of turn.  All mercury retrogrades will be happening in air signs this year, so expect us to rethink how we relate to others.  This first one will center on how much we’ve assumed to be true in our relationships.  It may be time to evolve.  Instead look inwards and trust the counsel of friends as a reality check.  

Dates of Note:

February 1st starts us off with Mars squaring the Sun + Venus moving into Aquarius.  This now brings our grand total up to 5 planets in one sign!  (Wait til the moon arrives later in the month to bring it up to 6.). Mars will be a bit irritable today your response might be a little harsher and more detached than normal. Venus in Aquarius can be a little cold and rational as you justify behavior that isn’t your normal way of responding.  Everyone is affected by this transit, so give some grace to the situation.

Watch how quarrelsome people can get on February 6th when Venus conjoins Saturn in Aquarius and squares Uranus in Taurus.  There may be some unexpected break-ups today when people seem more invested in being right than being together.  This kind of transit brings about a need for freedom and separation.  Our core set of values can take things a bit too personally.  Take breaks when you need them.

On February 8th the rhetoric might get a little strong as Mercury is backing up and conjoining the Sun.  Examine your arguments and ask for outside opinions.  Rethinking decisions and asking the hard questions to your own logic is 100% ok.  Real friends speak the truth even it’s hard to hear.  

February 9th is when Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate will begin.  This is definitely uncharted territory for the United States.  Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will drag up old arguments we thought were put to rest as Mars begins to tee up his objections.  

February 10th brings Mercury retrograde squaring Mars.  Watch the negative self-talk today because it could be rampant.  This transit is classic, “I’ve wasted all the hot water hypothetically arguing with people in my head,” energy.   All of those inner voices become an overpowering choir today.  Pay attention to the road and try to focus on the tasks at hand.  I wouldn’t expect today to be very productive even though the pressure feels intense.

A New Moon in Aquarius + Venus conjoining Jupiter is a solid for February 11th.  This is the peak Aquarius energy at the forefront.  The two benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus, are trying to add a little sweetness to a very dry sign.  Sometimes you have to trust that others have your back while you take a leap into the unknown.  (Anyone with young kids are welcome to break into Frozen II songs with this reference.)

Celebrate Valentines a day early on the 13th when the Moon is aligned with Neptune + Mercury kisses Venus and Jupiter.  Today we can get swept up in the fantasy and buy in 100%.  I had a girlfriend once tell me she imagined so many fantasy dates with a guy she felt like she had been in a full fledged relationship by the second actual date!  This is that energy.  Let yourself get swept up by the candlelight and grand gestures today because the moon will be heading into independent Aries by the afternoon of the 14th.

Hold onto your hat, Ali, because the earth is going to shake on February 17th when Saturn squares Uranus.  The planet of individualism is ready to challenge the planet of tradition.  This is one of the key signatures of 2021 and it will be hitting us 3 times.  The last time these two planets squared one another was in 2000.  Themes of technology, the land, groups, rebellion dominated.  During that month India’s population topped over a billion people, geocaching became a sport, and the Philippines were in an official state of rebellion.  I’d expect more clivil unrest illustrating themes of injustice, technology limitations, scientific evolution, personal freedoms, and food innovation to start to take hold this year.  Whatever gets highlighted during this period will come back in June and again in December.  Nerves may feel a bit more frazzled during this time so watch the anxiety and all of the “what ifs.”  Exercise your personal freedom in areas that you can control. Soothe your feelers by anchoring yourself through the 5 senses.  Lean into the Moon in Taurus today make nurturing warm meals, cuddle up by the fire, and center yourself with nature.

On February 18th we officially begin Pisces season!  The astrology glyph for this sign are two fish swimming together, but in opposite directions. There’s a lot of action, but it’s not always moving forward – just deeper.  These individuals are masters of acceptance.  They welcome people from all walks of life and are willing to make sacrifices to please others, even when it can be detrimental to themselves.  Pisces is governed by Jupiter, which likes big ideas, inspiration, and trust.  Boundaries can be difficult for these individuals as they trust others have the same selfless drive they possess naturally. They long for deeper connections, unity, and knowing they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  Over the next month practice empathy, trust your instincts, and acknowledge the synchronicities in your life

Venus squares Mars on February 19th promising some tension between our personal values and how we get things done.  Sometimes they don’t align and it can manifest in challenges in our relationships.  Venus will have the upper hand here so be sure to err on the side of preserving the relationship.

On February 20th, Mercury will station direct bringing our first retrograde of 2021 to a close.  Over the past three weeks he has asked us to reexamine our thinking in how we creatively problem solve.  He’s been well suited to think outside the box and once he begins moving forward you may be challenged to put those theories to the test.  Remember that the energy has a lot more kick when it’s changing direction, so plan on a busy day filled with communication.  While Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is notorious for causing issues with technology, hold off on buying replacements until he clears his shadow on March 13th.  

Mars trines Pluto + Moon in Leo squares Uranus on February 24th.  Today requires a deep breath.  The energy of today capitalizes on the energy of needing to prove yourself.  Just because it’s a trine doesn’t mean that the intensity will ease up; in fact, you may feel justified by walking into a project or a battle with your head held high.  Be ready for that element of surprise though.  You could get a lot done today as long as you remain humble.  

February 25th brings Venus moving into Pisces + Sun sextilng Uranus.  I honestly love this day.  It could bring some pleasant surprises and smiles as the energy really shifts today. Venus is at her peak in Pisces.  Here the planet of love tries to keep herself at the head of the class by putting in some overtime.  She idealizes relationships and showers them with all the perfume and pearls she can manage.  She focuses on what could be and devotes herself to boundless love.  You may catch yourself feeling a bit off guard about how strong your feelings are for someone or how well they are reciprocated.  Know you will be pushed to action within the next two days.  

Why?  Because of the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th!  The Moon is the odd one out here which can make you feel surprisingly exposed.  This lunation is ruled by Mercury in Aquarius where he is still over-thinking things and rewinding the tape to examine small details he may have missed.  Have you overextended yourself or is your thinking too rigid?  If you are too close to the situation at hand, ask your trusted group of friends for help.  You aren’t in this alone!  It’s time to capitalize on innovation and creatively problem solve. 

Until next time!



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